App Week: Spotify iPad review, Flipboard on way to Android

Plus: Windows 8 music app comes to iPad, first BlackBerry 10 apps revealed

In another massive week of app news, Spotify is finally here on iPad, while another iOS titan Flipboard has been spotted on Android. Also, check out the first apps to sign-on for BB10

Spotify for iPad is finally here
It may have taken two years, but Spotify for iPad is finally here. And after just a few minutes playing with the beautiful, layered UI, we can almost forgive the company for taking so long. The app, for Premium account holders only, is Retina Display-optimised and brings AirPlay, gapless playback, crossfading and offline playlists to your iPad. We've also reviewed Spotify for iPad, so check out the verdict.

Flipboard for Android coming soon
You may have missed this among the rest of the Samsung Galaxy S3 hysteria on Thursday, but during one of the demonstration videos none-other than T3's App of The Year Flipboard appeared on the new Android kingpin. The endlessly-customisable digital magazine, a huge success on iPad and iPhone, will arrive on select Android devices this summer, the company has confirmed.

First batch of BlackBerry 10 apps outed
Essential fitness companion Endomondo, location-based helper Poynt and Augmented Reality app Wikitude will be among the first apps to arrive on the BlackBerry 10 operating system, RIM confirmed this week. With a well-stocked marketplace absolutely paramount for RIM, the first batch represents a decent start, but many more top names willl need to follow. RIM is hoping to lure BB10 developers by promising $10,000 a year to developers.

Track 8 brings Metro-style music player to iPad
Windows 8 is undoubtedly a thing of beauty and with the missionary iPad music app one of the few complaints we hear about iOS 5, one developer has launched a Metro-style music app for the Apple tablet. With a host of Live Tiles for your new music, playlists, most played, albums, artists and full-resolution cover art, Track 8 for iPad it's definitely worth a look.

Triggertrap Mobile arrives to take control of your DSLR
A new app for iPhone aims to revolutionise time-lapse photography with your DSLR. Triggertrap Mobile for iOS takes control of your snapper and allows it to be programmed to take shots over a pre-programmed distance or time, to create incredible videos of your latest road trip.


iPhone App Review: Max Payne Mobile
If you simply can't wait for Max Payne 3 to arrive later this month, then take a trip back to where the Bullet Time fun began. The original PlayStation 2 version of the game has been ported to iOS devices. Thanks Rockstar. If you can get past the frustrating touchscreen controls, the gameplay and story still stand the test of time. Check out our Max Payne for iPhone review.

Android App Review: Sky Cloud
As mobile networks get more and more stingy with data, finding Wi-Fi connections on the go can be a lifesaver. Sky's purchase of The Cloud last year means it can open up free access to one of the UK's best public Wi-Fi options for its Sky Broadband subscribers. This app tells you where you can find connectivity. Check out our Sky Cloud for Android review

Windows Phone App Review: Next Bus UK
Waiting for buses is undoubtedly a one of the biggest wastes of time possible for a human to experience. Your Windows Phone can minimise that mind-numbing torment. Our reviewer says: "This application is designed to help out the troubled user who has strayed away from home and needs to find the nearest route back – or the seasoned traveller who needs updates on when their next bus will be popping along." Check out the Next Bus UK for Windows Phone review.