Amazon Cloud still recovering from crash

Technical problems plague service across the weekend

Doubts cast over viability of Cloud-based storage.

Amazon has claimed to have resolved the majority of technical faults that hit its Web Services business from Thursday evening onwards last week.

A glitch in one of the online storage business’ servers had resulted in the outage of several popular websites including Quora, Foursquare, Hootsuite and Reddit.

Although Amazon states it has completed its recovery efforts, the company has admitted it will be unable to restore a small portion of lost data.

Promising a “detailed first mortem” on its website yesterday, Amazon said it was “digging deeply” into the causes of the shutdown and it was “in the process of contacting” affected customers.

These difficulties highlight the perceived dangers of companies outsourcing their computing requirements to the “cloud” and the third party problem management issues that accompany such services.

Amazon did contain the problem to one zone approximately three hours after it started yet that will have been little help to companies who failed to spread their storage to multiple data centres leaving them vulnerable to a single outage.

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Source: Wall Street Journal