Adobe shows off real Photoshop for iPad app

Concept app wows at Photoshop World

Would a fully fledged photoshop finally let us cast off the laptop?

Adobe has signalled its intentions to bring an enhanced version of its Photoshop app to the Apple iPad by showing off a concept demo at the Photoshop World 2011 expo.

iPad owners can already lay their hands on the basic Photoshop Express app for the tablet, but that's nothing compared to this demo, which features multi-layered images, filters and the ability to edit multiple images without lag or delay.

The "Real" Photoshop for iPad demo even showcased a neat 3D animation which allows users to view all of the different layers and how they comprise the image. You can view a video demonstration of the app over at

The new app, which has yet to be pinned with a release date, would give iPad owners similar functionality of that seen in the full suite and would surely demand a quite hefty pricetag.

For some media pros, especially those on the T3 team, one of the only reasons why it's still necessary to cart a laptop around to events rather than just work from the iPad is the need to use Photoshop, so a "real" iteration of the celebrated studio would really go a long way towards casting-off that bulky old work machine for good..