Acer boss: our tablets will overtake iPad

CEO sets 2-3 year target to bring down Apple's slate

Fighting talk from Gianfranco Lanci as he claims iPad sales are slowing.

You certainly can’t accuse Acer’s top suit Gianfranco Lanci of lacking ambition. Having outed two new Android tablets, a smartphone/tablet hybrid and a new Windows effort this week, he reckons his company can take Apple’s tablet top spot within two to three years.

Speaking to Digitimes, Lanci was in bullish mood. “Sales of iPad pushed forward very fast initially, but have slowed down in the past few weeks,” he said. However, there’s no proof that the latter is the case, with Apple having sold around 7.5 million since its launch in April.

Warming to his theme, Lanci said, “We hope our tablet PCs can reach a global market share of 10-20% initially, and become the market leader in two to three years.” That’s mighty ambitious seeing as Acer’s tablets aren’t even due to go on sale until April next year, by which point the iPad 2 will probably be on shelves.

Apple currently has a whopping 95.5 per cent of the tablet market, although Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is making inroads and a whole new line of Android efforts are expected at CES next year. Lanci said he is also targeting Samsung, while also talking up Acer’s new Alive store, which will sell music, movies and apps.

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Via Digitimes