Best tablet PCs: 5 top iPad alternatives

Our pick of the top tablets now available

Laptops are so last season; these days it's all about the portable and the prod-able. Get up to date with our pick of the top tablets you can buy right now.

Apple iPadApple iPad
From £429,
T3's gadget of the year 2010, Apple's daddy tablet takes everything we love about the iPhone and repackages it all behind a 9.7" multitouch touchscreen. Available with or without 3G, Jobs calls this "the best browsing experience you'll ever have" - if you don't use Flash, that is.
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Dell StreakDell Streak
Dell's new 5-inch Streak is an Android device, combining the functionality of a smartphone, a tablet PC, a digital camera and a satnav into a sleek, sexy package. Whisper it quietly, but there's there's even a few surprises in there to give the almighty Apple iPad a run for its money.
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JooJoo Tabletjoojoo
£319 ,
A linux-based tablet sporting a 12.1" HD touchscreen and a start up time of 10 seconds, the joojoo is significantly cheaper than an iPad, but niggles include a disappointingly sluggish user interface and, crushingly, no downloadable apps.
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Archos TabletArchos Internet Tablet 5
From £247,
The original non-phone bit of tech to run Google's Android OS, the Archos 5 packs a 4.1" touchscreen and two HDMI ports for 720p video playback. There's no 3G, but connect this Archos 5 to your mobile via bluetooth and you can piggyback on its connection for browsing on the go.
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Lenovo IdeapadLenovo Ideapad U1
We know it's not technically released yet, but the Lenovo IdeaPad U1 gets an honorary 'coming soon' mention for reinventing both the tablet and the netbook. A classic must-have gadget geek’s toy, it’s an 11.6-inch Windows 7 netbook whose screen can be removed and used as a linux tablet.
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