Best free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 apps to download

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Just bought a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and on the hunt for some apps to pack onto it? Here's T3's pick of the best Android tablet apps to grab from the new Samsung App Store

You've read T3's Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 review, and fancy getting your hands on the latest Android tablet to hit the market. To get your app fix, you first move is likely to involve heading to the Android Market, but you'll be happy to know that the Samsung App Store is another place to download your apps.

While the Samsung App Store is by no means brimming with tablet-friendly apps, we've picked five free Galaxy Tab 10.1 apps to help get your Android tablet life started.

1/ Standard
If you haven’t managed to grab a free one after work, you can catch up on the latest events in the Capital, letting you save stories for offline reading and click through image galleries in stories. You can also share stories by email, Facebook, Twitter and the usual sharing suspects.

2/ I-Inter
For those who are big fans of the Nerrazurri or Inter Milan as they are known to most, you can get all you need to know about the Italian football giants with a RSS feed to the latest news, squad profiles and a look at Inter's progress in all their domestic and European campaigns.

3/ Wikitude
The augmented reality app let’s you see your world overlayed with information from users nearby. So you can see Flickr images, find out places that you can check in on FourSquare and find the nearest Pizza joint in your current location.

4/ Blink Beat
A YouTube-inspired app, when you launch Blink Beat you’ll be sent on a random journey of viral videos. Alternatively you can head to to browse and search for more videos. That will however, require launching the web browser to access it.

5/ Can Knockdown
Currently there are only a handful of games on the Samsung App Store, and while you are likely to go for Angry Birds first, Can Knockdown makes good use of the larger screen surroundings as you hurl balls at cans piled on top of each other. It's like bringing the circus game favourite to your tablet. Well, kind of...

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