Where to buy Nintendo Switch Lite: How to get your Animal Crossing fix for less

The Nintendo Switch Lite is quickly disappearing: here's where you can grab it, along with the world's most popular new game

Nintendo Switch Lite
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The Nintendo Switch Lite, while not quite as versatile as the modular Switch console, is still one of the best portable gaming systems to have ever been developed and cheaper than the standard Switch to boot. With a raft of fantastic family-friendly titles like Luigi's Mansion, Pokemon Sword and Shield and, yes, Animal Crossing New Horizons, it's selling out everywhere. Fast.

In particular, Animal Crossing's pleasant, social structure means Switch and Switch Lites are highly prized: in an age in which meeting up in person isn't considered safe or advisable,  you can pick up a Nintendo Switch Lite right now and invite friends over to your island instead. 

T3 has made actually locating one of these coveted consoles as easy as pie. We've
scoured the globe, including retailers in the UK, US and Australia, to find you the best prices on the hot Nintendo handheld. 

Where to buy Nintendo Switch Lite: UK

Nintendo Switch Lite | Yellow | £199.99 at Amazon
The bright yellow Nintendo Switch Lite is in stock right now at Amazon for £199.99, the handheld's standard price. It comes with free delivery, too, and can be bundled with games, cases and online passes to suit your tastes.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite | Turquoise | £199.99 at Argos
Argos currently have the turquoise colourway of the Nintendo Switch Lite in stock for its original launch price of £200. Both the yellow and grey colour schemes are also available, as are copies of Animal Crossing.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite | Coral Pink | £199.99 at Game
Game has the new Coral Pink colourway of the Switch Lite for £199.99. We don't blame you if you're starting to see a pattern here: deals and discounts on the Switch Lite are a rarity indeed. This console is out of stock at Amazon but also available at this price at Very.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite | Yellow | £199 at Currys
Currys is also currently selling the Nintendo Switch Lite at £199, and can be picked up in yellow, turquoise and grey for that figure. Currys also has some bundle with game deals on those consoles in stock, too.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite | Zacian and Zamazenta Edition | £296.95 at Amazon
For fans of Pokemon this Zacian and Zamazenta Nintendo Switch Lite is just perfect, and it is in stock now at Amazon. At the time of writing there is 15 consoles left in stock.View Deal

Where to buy Nintendo Switch Lite: US

Nintendo Switch Lite | $199 | Available now at B&H Photo
B&H Photo has the Nintendo Switch Lite in grey, yellow and turquoise for $219.99 right now. That's $20 more than RRP, but right now this is one of the best console-only prices out there.View Deal

Where to buy Nintendo Switch Lite: Australia

Nintendo Switch Lite: Amazon Australia – from AU$295
For Australian gamers, Amazon's third party sellers are offering the handheld-only Nintendo Switch Lite in yellow, grey, turquoise from AU$295. Not the best price ever (Amazon itself was offering the console much cheaper only a few weeks ago), but might be your only alternative at the moment once the Kogan deal below ends.
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Nintendo Switch Lite: Kogan – AU$329
At the moment, the cheapest Nintendo Switch Lite you'll find from a retailer will set you back AU$329 from Kogan's online store. Not the cheapest deal we've seen lately, but at least it's not higher than the usual RRP. That price is available now across the yellow, grey and turquoise editions of the handheld. Additionally, you can also pre-order the new coral edition at the same price (releases April 24).
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It's worth noting that there are a number of other retailers in Australia who are currently awaiting stock on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, so we recommend checking back regularly to see if more units become available.

Why play Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Best Nintendo Switch games 2020

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a phenomenon, its release serendipitously timed with the world going into lockdown. The social game, in which you create and customise your island and invite other players, on which you can receive a star rating, is simple and wholesome, but it's become a way for people to interact with friends, family and even celebrities as a result of the global health crisis.

The craze is sweeping across the world, and with a thriving community of  players, there's never been a better time to get involved. 

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