Bose SoundSport Free is almost 'free' at Walmart for Cyber Monday* | T3

Bose SoundSport Free is almost 'free' at Walmart for Cyber Monday*

*Okay, these true wireless workout buds are actually $80 off. There are also UK deals, for UK people

Bose SoundSport Free Wireless headphones Cyber Monday Walmart deals
(Image credit: Bose)

Cyber Monday 2019 is now officially upon us, following the long Black Friday weekend of deals. As the name suggests, consumer tech is the focus here and that's good news for just about anyone who has had their eye on something for a while. All the major retailers will be discounting brand new stuff all day.

T3 has been working around the clock this weekend to find and write up the very best deals around, covering a huge array of different things, from smartphones to toys to desktops to fashion to kitchenware to smart home tech. You name it, we'll have found a great deal on it. 

One of the deals that caught our eye this morning was for the Bose SoundSport true wireless workout buds, which are currently just $169 at Walmart.

In the UK, there's a pretty passable £140 Soundsport deal on at Amazon

And the same deal is also at John Lewis, where they chuck in a 2-year warranty.

Bose SoundSport Free True Wireless Earbuds | Was $249 | Sale price $169 | Available now at Walmart
Working out with good earbuds is a game changer that you don't necessarily know until you try it. Luckily, now could be your chance: Walmart has cut a whopping $80 off the Bose SoundSport Free, making them even better value.View Deal

How Bose squeezes such good sound into such small spaces remains one of the biggest mysteries of our age. Fortunately, it doesn't actually matter how they do it because we can still benefit from the fact they can do it. The SoundSport earbuds are a very good example, sounding far better than they rightfully should. 

With these nifty buds, you get true wireless listening, around five hours of playback time per charge, sweat and water resistance, Bose's StayHear tech that makes the earbuds more comfortable, and a tracking feature in case you lose one of them. 

These earbuds are good value at their original price, making this a pretty fantastic deal.