The LG SL5Y DTS Virtual:X soundbar drops to its lowest price in months at Amazon

Save $50 on one of LG's best soundbars at Amazon

lg sl5y soundbar deal
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Amazon is offering a great cheap deal on one of the best LG soundbars for TV available for those looking to up their home theater game. Dropping to its lowest price in months, the LG SL5Y 2.1 DTS Virtual:X soundbar is at a very attractive price point for the value.

On sale for $179.99, the LG SL5Y offers one of best soundbars for TVs and home theater setups that can't go for the full surround sound system. If you don't have the room (or live in an apartment), this 2.1 channel high resolution DTS Virtual:X soundbar is an excellent choice to make movie nights, gaming and music truly spectacular without bothering the neighbors too much.

LG SL5Y 2.1 Channel DTS Virtual:X High Resolution Soundbar
Now: $179.99 | Was: $229.99 | Savings: $50 (22%)
Now $50 off, this is an excellent deal for the price. If a full surround sound system isn't an option, this compact yet powerful soundbar offers a proper alternative. Featuring DTS Virtual:X and Dolby Digital support, this setup will get you a great sounding system for an unbeatable price.View Deal

At 400W of power, this 2.1 channel soundbar features high resolution 24bit/96kHz audio quality alongside both Dolby Digital and DTS Virtual:X support for crisp highs, great mids and booming lows. Movies will sound great, games will sound even better and if you're a music aficionado you'll appreciate the sound quality. While they're are options out there that'll provide even better quality overall, the price on this is what really makes it a great buy.

Grabbing a soundbar this cheap with these features for under $200 is a pretty rare find. LG offers some excellent quality products and at this price, you're getting a great deal on a soundbar perfect for TVs and basic home theater setups. An added bonus on this soundbar is the adaptable audio profiles that adjust to the content your listening to, too. No longer will commercials blast your ears in between watching the game, as this thing changes the sound level to keep everything as equalized as possible.

It's also got the option of adding additional wireless speakers and subwoofers as needed, so if you want the complete surround sound setup you can do so. These extra speakers are sold separately, but they thankfully don't cost too much and can really up the systems value. It also features Bluetooth connectivity, so hooking up to your smartphone or other audio playback devices is quick and easy.

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