The best Amazon Echo Dot Black Friday deals of the day

The Echo Dot is Amazon's most basic Alexa-powered device, making the Black Friday deals extra sweet

Amazon Echo Dot Black Friday deals
(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon's smart device lineup has grown fairly massive in recent times and the Echo Dot, not to be confused with the Echo Dot with Clock, is a good example. But confusion doesn't mean it isn't worth serious considering getting one, especially with a good deal, which you'll likely find because we're in Black Friday deals season.

The Echo is a pretty simple device: a small, spherical outer shell houses Alexa, the all-seeing, all-knowing (kidding...but only slightly) assistant that Amazon has spent so long developing. With Alexa on board, a tiny, screen-less device like the Echo Dot takes on a new lease of life, gaining the ability to change your smart lights or open a door or any number of other cool things.

The Dot, in true Echo fashion, also comes with a speaker built-in, although we'd recommend plugging it into a larger speaker setup for the best audio quality. For simple tasks, though, it does the job. Radio is fine, for example.

Don't like the new spherical design? The third-generation Echo Dot is still fantastic.