Summer sale: save 25% on Nerf and Super Soakers at Argos today!

Shoot wet or dry from under £4 with these great Nerf and Super Soaker deals – perfect for summer days!

Nerf Super Soaker deals
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What better entertainment is there on a summer day than soaking someone, or pelting them with darts while sprinting across the grass? Good news, then, that Argos currently has 25% off Nerf foam blasters and Super Soakers right now – starting from under £4!

Browse Argos' range of Nerf blasters and Super Soakers with 25% off

There are a lots of great options in there, including a Fortnite-model Super Soaker, and a Fortnite Nerf dart blaster – both ideal for kids who want to bring a bit of the indoors fun outside with them.

Other Super Soaker options include the XP100, which is basically the model adults will remember from a couple of decades ago, and the smaller XP30, which is the lighter and cheaper version of that. For serious wettening, you want the Super Soaker Hydra Water Blaster, which promises self-described "cannon-blasts of water".

Nerf-wise, the Alphastrike Fang is a very cheap, small option. The Nerf Ultra Two is a motorised pistol with serious powerful firing of darts, or you could step up to the Ultra One Motorised Blaster, which is basically a sleek plastic Tommy gun for firing foam.

In non-blasting news, there's also a Nerfoop Basketball Net and Ball Set, which is a little hoop and net (plus backboard) that clips to the back a door, if you want that 'American college dorm' experience.

Browse 25% off Nerf and Super Soaker blasters at Argos
Perfect for summer, Argos is slashing to prices of loads of great water guns and foam firers. From small pistols to bigger blasters, there's a great range of stuff starting from impulse-buy prices.View Deal

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