Nintendo Switch Lite pre-order price drop can't be matched!

The Nintendo Switch Lite is up for pre-order and if you haven't placed yours yet, now's the perfect time

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The Nintendo Switch Lite is available to pre-order ahead of its September 20, 2019 launch and since retailers' listings have gone live, the upcoming handheld console has been at a flat £199.99 across all of them. That is, until ShopTo waded in with a discounted price that isn't being matched anywhere else right now.

Nintendo Switch Lite £187.85 at ShopTo
Available in Turquoise, Grey, and Yellow, Nintendo Switch Lite pre-orders are currently going for £199.99 across the board. ShopTo is the only discounted pre-order deal out there right now, offering a saving of 6% off the RRP. Taking into account that this is a brand new piece of hardware, it's unlikely that it'll get a bigger discount prior to launch, so if you're adamant on being an early adopter, you should grab the savings where you can, and this is the only place you'll find them right now. View Deal

Nintendo is launching its handheld only version of the Switch in September, and has dropped the Joy-Con controllers as well as the ability to play Switch games on your TV via a docking station. The Switch Lite is a handheld through-and-through, but with the great library of Switch games a its disposal. It's perfect for kids, or if you just want a proper handheld that can deal with rough and tumble of frequent travel. 

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Shabana Arif

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