Next Apple Watch band will ALWAYS match your outfit

This is the real innovation you've been waiting for – using colour-changing fibres to compliment your clothes

Next Apple Watch band will ALWAYS match your outfit

The Apple Watch Series 5 might arrive alongside a new band which is capable of changing colour to match your outfit… if a new patent recently granted to Apple ever comes to fruition.

While changing current Apple Watch bands is incredibly easy, the new concept would make changing the colour of your strap on the go even easier, with just a few taps needed on the Apple Watch app.

The patent was uncovered by Patently Apple, and shows the way Apple plans to achieve this chameleon-esque band.

Essentially, the Watch band will be constructed multiple light-tube assemblies. These assemblies include a light fibre and an LED. The LED will change colour, which is transmitted along the fibres.

The patent goes onto describe it'll be possible to take a picture of an outfit on your iPhone and use a new app to transmit a complimenting colour to the Apple watch band.

The patent also suggests the band may include a variety of different sensors, such as a light, sound, motion, heath, or biometric sensors.

This would allow it to change colour depending on how hard you're exercising, for example, or change colour in relation your your heart rate.

It sounds like a really cool idea – we really hope it sees the light of day.

Spencer Hart
Spencer Hart

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