Best iPhone 11 deals: contracts, plans and SIM-free prices compared in 2020

iPhone 11 deals comparison. See the cheapest plans, prices and more with this dedicated guide.

iPhone 11 deals
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iPhone 11 deals seem to be the top choice for fans of Apple right now. With its semi-affordable pricing, high-end specs and general impressive camera output, what's not to love here?

Obviously, it isn't quite as powerful or unique as Apple's two top performers - the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max - but it certainly doesn't lag far behind, adopting many of the same features, just at a lower price point.

We're going to go ahead and assume that you're here because you've decided which of the three handsets it is that works for you and now, you just want to know where to find the absolute best iPhone 11 deals?

If that's you in a nutshell then this will be easy. Simply use our customised price comparison chart above to explore the best prices and contracts on all three handsets or use the filters to just look at the one that you've decided on.

And for those still stumped on where the best value in Apple's 2019 line-up lies or just anyone who wants to know more about the iPhone 11, you can find out more below.

The iPhone 11 - a brief look at our thoughts:

A near-perfect balance of price and features

"This is all about the balance. The balance of cutting back features to make it over £300 quid cheaper than the iPhone 11 Pro, but without making it feel anything other than a high-quality Apple product. It feels like a top-tier handset in almost every way, from the build quality in your hand to the camera quality to the sheer slickness of using iOS"


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SIM-free iPhone 11 deals - how much will it cost you?

Apple pulled out a move we didn't expect to see when it released the iPhone 11, giving it an RRP below the iPhone XR from the year before. The iPhone 11 costs £729 SIM-free. Unfortunately, the handset hasn't been out for long and Apple doesn't tend to go casually dropping prices so don't expect to see anything below that for a while.

Upgrading to the middle brother, the iPhone 11 Pro SIM-free costs £1049. That's a pretty major jump up in cost and only gets more expensive if you go for larger storage editions.

Finally, Apple's most impressive (and expensive) handset to date. The iPhone 11 Pro Max will cost you a whopping £1149 SIM-free - bet you didn't think you would be paying that for a phone anytime soon!

iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Pro Max: specs at a glance

iPhone 11:

  • Battery: 3110mAh
  • Screen: 6.1-inch LCD display
  • IP rating: IP68 rating
  • RAM: 4GB Ram / Apple 13 bionic chipset
  • Cameras: Back: 12MP + 12MP / Front: 12MP

iPhone 11 Pro:

  • Battery: 3046mAh
  • Screen: 5.8-inch LCD display
  • IP rating: IP68 rating
  • RAM: 4GB Ram / Apple 13 bionic chipset
  • Cameras: Back: 12MP + 12MP + 12MP / Front: 12MP

iPhone 11 Pro Max:

  • Battery: 3969mAh
  • Screen: 6.5-inch LCD display
  • IP rating: IP68 rating
  • RAM: 4GB Ram / Apple 13 bionic chipset
  • Cameras: Back: 12MP + 12MP + 12MP / Front: 12MP

Which retailers and networks sell iPhone 11 deals?



When is the best time to buy iPhone 11 deals?

Apple isn't exactly known for big price drops and discounts on its phones. You will likely be waiting all the way until the launch of the next iPhone for a considerable drop in SIM-free prices or a consistent change in the price of contracts.

However, there are a few times in the year where we see prices drop a little. For SIM-free prices, Amazon Prime Day has seen prices on top iPhones drop in the past and is a great time to grab one.

In terms of contracts, if you can hold off for long enough, Black Friday tends to offer the best mobile phone deals available across all of the big phones and will likely be the same for the iPhone 11.

Saying all of that...iPhone 11 deals will drop and rise in price throughout the year so the best advice we can give is to keep coming back here and checking prices to see when it hits a price you are comfortable with.

SIM-free or contract: where are the best iPhone 11 deals?

Realistically, SIM-free prices on the iPhone 11 are highly unlikley to see a drop anytime soon. In fact, you could be waiting until either Black Friday or a new Apple launching to see this happen.

iPhone 11 deals on contract on the other hand frequently fluctuate in price meaning this is where you'll find the best prices most of the time. Keep an eye on SIM-free free prices and you could well catch a bargain to pair with a SIM only deal if you're lucky.

Are iPhone 11 deals better than the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max?

In terms of specs, the iPhone 11 is the weakest of the three phones. And yet, this will be the one that will fit the needs of most people. It costs much less than its two bigger brothers while landing you the key features Apple has offered up here.

Yes, it won't be as big, as long-lasting or even as impressive as the iPhone 11 Pro Max but considering the massive drop in price, it will be more than worthwhile.

Is the iPhone 11 a good value option?

Right now, iPhone 11 deals seem to be one of the best value options from Apple. It takes a lot of the excellent specs that the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max has but offers it at a much more affordable price.

Of course, there are older iPhones with much more affordable price tags but the iPhone 11 is probably the best mix of affordable and new.

Why are iPhone 11 deals cheap?

Okay,'s not cheap. But compared to the Pro and the Pro Max, the cheaper device offers a much lower price tag. When you invest in the iPhone 11, you are getting an all-round weaker device compared to the two bigger ones.

There's a weaker battery and most importantly, one less camera lens. But oddly enough, the iPhone 11 is larger than the Pro...