Cyber Monday sale means Purple mattresses are up to $300 off now – last chance to save!

Last chance! The Cyber Monday deal could save you a bundle on your new Purple mattress, but you'll need to be quick

Purple mattress deal
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The big day is finally here, and the cheap mattress deals are coming thick and fast. Now's your last chance to get involved with the best Purple mattress sale we've seen in ages: buy today, and you'll get up to $500 off sleep bundles, or up to $300 off mattresses. This is the cheapest we've seen the Purple mattress range since... well, last Black Friday and Cyber Monday (head to our Purple mattress discount codes and deals guide for more info). 

There are a range of bundle options all with big discounts, so you can pick the one that contains the bits you need. All options include stretchy Purple sheets (which work in conjunction with the unique gel grid you'll find on all these mattresses), a mattress protector (to keep everything like-new for as long as possible) and pillows for a full, dreamy sleep setup. Purple is one of the best mattress brands around – see how it compares to one of its main competitors in our Casper vs Purple faceoff


Cyber Monday deal: Up to $300 off a Purple mattress
Just need a mattress? There are discounts across the range: up to $100 off the original Purple, with its 2" Purple grid, up to $200 off the Hybrid, which adds a layer of springs, and up to $300 off the best-selling Hybrid Premier, which includes a deeper gel grid for a dreamy floating feeling.


Cyber Monday deal: Up to $500 off a Purple sleep bundle
The biggest way to save is with a mattress plus accessories bundle. Pick your mattress, then add Purple pillows (choose between 'Harmony' or 'Plush'), a mattress protector, and a set of stretchy sheets to save up to a total of $500 this holiday season.

Purple has a range of three mattresses to choose from, but what they all have in common is a dynamic, hyper-elastic gel layer known as the 'Purple Grid'. It's a kind of memory foam alternative, in that it flexes to mould around your specific body shape. However, unlike memory foam, it responds instantly as you move, and it doesn't trap heat. Purple also says it's more durable than memory foam. 

At the cheapest end is the original Purple Mattress; followed by the mid-range Purple Hybrid mattress (which adds a base layer of individually wrapped coils); and finally there's the luxurious Purple Hybrid Premier mattress, which includes springs and swaps in a thicker (3" or 4") Purple Grid. On all three, you'll get a 100-night trial in which you can put your new mattress through its paces and make sure you love it. 

Ruth Hamilton
Ruth Hamilton

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