Best Black Friday Apple HomePod deals

The best Black Friday deals on the Apple HomePod, the nifty music sphere that frees Siri from your iPhone

Apple HomePod Mini Black Friday 2021
(Image credit: Apple)

Looking for something to play you some soothing tunes while you search through the Black Friday sales? The hottest new thing in the Apple world at the moment is the HomePod Mini, a nifty little spherical speaker with Siri built-in. Like the Apple voice assistant on your phone, this can do anything that Siri on your iPhone can, from answering questions to opening your front door for guests. It also offers excellent audio quality for playing music, and you can even twin two of them to form a set of stereo speakers. 

The original HomePod is bigger and has better sound for big rooms, and there are some great discounts out there because of the recent launch of the Mini. So, it's worth looking out for if you live in a large space or prefer the larger design. 

Here are the best Black Friday Apple HomePod Mini and HomePod deals we’ve found so far.

Best Black Friday Apple HomePod deals

Apple HomePod Mini
The HomePod Mini is a slimmed-down version of the HomePod speaker, with a greatly reduced price and size.  It includes Siri, so you can tell it to do things and it will, as long as they are possible with devices that support the Apple HomeKit standard. It's available in white, yellow, orange, blue and space grey. 

Apple HomePod
The original HomePod is a bit of an orphan these days, supplanted by a cheaper, younger and more colorful sibling. It's still a great smart speaker, though, and has more volume for filling larger spaces. 

Top Retailers

Best Buy Apple HomePod deals (opens in new tab)
Best Buy is among the best online retailers for tablets and tablet accessories, including stylus pens. So it should have both Apple Pencils on hand and at a discount for Black Friday. The retailer also currently offers free shipping for these items so we expect that to extend through the holiday season.
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Walmart Apple HomePod Mini deals (opens in new tab)
Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals abound at Walmart, which means that both Apple Pencil models will be on hand at discounted prices during these big sale events this year. As will other Apple products like the new iPad mini and the incomparable Magic Keyboard for iPads.
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Target Apple HomePod deals (opens in new tab)
Target might not the most obvious choice for electronics, but it holds its own Black Friday and Cyber Monday tech sales as well. So, it’s reasonable to expect it would have the Apple Pencil at a discounted price during these sale events. It’s a good place to check, at the very least.
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