Are you pet crazy? You'll love this new website!

PetsRadar is the ultimate resource for all of your pet needs

Are you pet crazy? You'll love this new website!
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Keeping our furry friends happy and healthy is always a top priority, but getting the best advice out there can be difficult – enter PetsRadar.

This new website offers a combination of trusted advice, detailed product information, pricing comparisons to ensure quality and value, and the best deals on top pet products, enabling animal lovers everywhere to make pet-related decisions with total confidence. 

From making the right choices around pet diet and health care to upgrading pets’ lifestyles with the latest accessories and pet-related technology – PetsRadar is the place for expert advice for happier pets.

PetsRadar puts a particular emphasis on smart tech for pets, reflecting the emergent trend in pet technology. As a result, PetsRadar will feature buying guides and reviews covering pet trackers, monitors, entry-systems, automated feeders and high-tech toys.

This new site has come along at the perfect time, as the recent shift to home working has driven an increase in pet ownership, which surged during lockdown as people turned to animal friends for comfort and companionship. 

The Dogs Trust alone reported a 25% increase in adoptions at the start of the pandemic and PetsRadar will ensure first-time owners of all kinds of pets will have all the advice they need to make their new relationships happy and enduring.

COVID-19 has also helped to accelerate the ongoing growth in online pet retailing, with some retailers reporting sales growth of over 20% as owners flock online to load up on pet food and other accessories. 

Dave Harfield, Editor-in-Chief of PetsRadar said, “As the proud pet-parent of a beautiful German Shepherd Dog named Vinnie, I know first-hand just how much of a huge place pets take in the hearts of their owners and families. 

"The love and dedication that owners and pets share for each other will be at the core of what we do at, inspiring us to provide a reliable and compassionate voice that’s dedicated to improving the lives of pets and their people alike.”

Does PetsRadar sound like your perfect website? Then what are you waiting for – head over to the PetsRadar right now.