Reebok Nano X4 review: the best Nano yet

The Reebok Nano X4 is the 14th model in the Nano line, but how do they stack up against its predecessors? We tested them to find out

Reebok Nano X4 review: side picture of the trainers
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The Reebok Nano X4 is the 14th model in the Nano line and, while it may not be the best looking, it definitely delivers on the performance front. It’s borrow some of its predecessors best features, including the Lift and Run Chassis System and Floatride Energy Foam, making it a solid shoe for multiple training disciplines. But there’s some pleasant updates too, including more ventilation and Reebok’s all-new Flex-weave material for extra breathability.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Stable enough for heavy lifts, yet cushioned for explosive movements

  • +

    Comes in a wide variety of colourways

  • +

    Wide toe box/good for people with wider feet

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Short laces

  • -

    Fit slightly on the larger side

  • -

    Design may not be everyone’s cup of tea

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These days, there’s so many workout shoes being released left, right and centre, it’s hard to know which ones are worth even getting excited about – the Reebok Nano X4, however, is one of them. The Nano line has been going strong for over a decade, renowned by Reebok as the ‘official shoe of fitness’. While not every model has been perfect (how can it), as the 14th model in the Nano line Reebok have tried to deliver the best of both worlds, taking some of its predecessors best features, as well as adding in a few new updates.

I’ll be honest, when Nano X4s first arrived at my home they remained in the corner by the door for a good few weeks, as their appearance just wasn’t screaming ‘I’m sexy, put me on your feet’. However, that all very much changed when I finally decided to test them out and I was instantly humbled because, as I expected they would be, they’re a brilliant cross-training shoe

Reebok Nano X4 review

Reebok Nano X4 review: price and availability

You can buy the Reebok Nano X4 directly from Reebok UK and Reebok US for a recommended retail price of £125/$140. The trainer we’re reviewing is one of the unisex trainers, but if you’re not a fan of the colours then you’ll be pleased to know the Nano X4 comes in a wide variety of funky colourways in a men’s, women’s and unisex shoe. 

Reebok Nano X4 review: specifications

Reebok Nano X4 review: here is an image of the trainers up against a wall

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  • Best for: cross-training
  • Upper: Flex-weave knit fabric
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Stack height: 13/20 (forefoot/heel)
  • Drop: 7mm
  • Weight: 333g (UK 6)

Reebok Nano X4 review: design and construction

Reebok Nano X4 review: here is an image of the side of the trainer and the sole

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Fans of the Nano X3’s will be pleased to hear that Reebok have carried over many of the predecessor's favourite features to the X4. These include the Floatride Energy foam in the midsole, rubber outsole with the same tread pattern and the popular Lift and Run (L.A.R) Chassis System. 

So, what’s changed? Reebok say they’ve redesigned the upper with their all new Flex-weave material, instantly giving the shoe a more lightweight feel. You’ll also now find a ventilation panel on the side of the shoe and you’ll notice that at the front of the shoe that there’s more ventilation too, giving it far more breathability than the Nano X3 to keep your feet cool and fresh.

In terms of the Nano X4's actual appearance it's not too dissimilar from the Nano X3's. However, whenever I posted a picture of them on Instagram I received a bit of a mixed bag of reviews, with one person describing their appearance as "questionable". My partner, on the other hand, thought they looked amazing. Clearly it's personal preference. I'll admit, I wasn't keen on this particular unisex colour but, luckily, there's loads to choose from.

Reebok Nano X4 review: performance and comfort

When I first slipped on the Reebok Nano X4s the first thing I noticed was how roomy they were. The toe box is very wide, so those who have wider feet are in luck. I felt that they fit slightly on the larger side. I usually get my trainers in either a size 5.5 UK or a 6, I got the Nano X4s in a size 6, but they still felt quite loose and very roomy on my feet. I just had to tie the laces very tight (which are also very short). 

In terms of performance, I think the Reebok Nano X4s hit the sweet spot. Thanks to the L.A.R chassis system and the rubber sole, I felt connected to the floor and incredibly stable during my heavy compound lifts. I even managed to hit a new 100kg deadlift PB in these, which I was pretty chuffed with. 

Reebok Nano X4 review: here is T3's active writer deadlifting and squatting in the trainer

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Transferring over to a quick aerobic session – consisting of sled pulls, burpee broad jumps (BBJs) and rowing was also a breeze. I found the Floatride Energy Foam provided excellent energy return for my BBJs and moving quickly from one exercise to the next, maybe even slightly better than the Metcon 9s. The grip is FAB too; for this circuit I was moving between rubber matted gym flooring and astroturf and these shoes worked exceptionally well on both flooring.

I didn’t go for a run in these shoes, simply because I’ve come to learn that no functional fitness/cross-training shoe can handle the distance (as they’re not made too, stick to the running shoes for that). However, with how comfortable and quickly I was able to move during my circuits, I would be more than happy to wear these for short interval runs around 500 metres.

Reebok Nano X4 review: verdict

Reebok Nano X4 review: here is an image of the trainers face on

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I actually really like the Reebok Nano X4s, a lot more than I was expecting too. If you’re looking for a workout shoe that you can do it all in, from weightlifting to HIIT, circuit training, explosive plyometric movements and short running intervals, then the Reebok Nano X4 is a shoe you can depend on. 

The L.A.R chassis system coupled by the Floatride Energy Foam makes this a versatile shoe for static and dynamic movements. I actually think I may even prefer them (just slightly) than the Metcon 9s, as I think the Nano X4s are slightly better at transitioning to high impact exercises and are more comfortable doing so. 

Their appearance is what put me off at first but, as they say, you should never judge a book by its cover, at least certainly not with the Nano X4s.

Reebok Nano X4 review: also consider

Nike’s Metcon are another staple cross-training shoe, with their latest iteration – the Nike Metcon 9s – being one of their best yet. It has an impressive rope guard, a large hyperlift plate in the heel for heavy lifts and is particularly good if your feet are on the wider side. They were released in August 2023, so you can easily grab a pair of under £100 now. Read my full review of the Nike Metcon 9.

The R.A.D One’s are also an exceptional cross-trainer, despite being new to the market and therefore slightly more expensive. Their Swell Foam makes them (in my opinion) the comfiest cross-trainer shoe I’ve tried and I also think they’re the best-looking too. CrossFit athlete, Ben Massey, who created the shoe designed it incredibly well in some seriously cool colours, making it a shoe that you can easily wear out and about, as well as train in. Read my full review of the R.A.D One

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