You can completely transform your Xbox Series X using these official wraps

Microsoft's cleverly designed wraps enable you to customise your console without meeting a sticky end

Xbox X console wraps
(Image credit: Microsoft)

If you've thought about customising your Xbox Series X you've probably encountered the same issue I have: most Xbox skins are vinyl wraps, and that means while they look good on other people's consoles they're destined to become a lumpy, bubbly mess on mine. If you're not a wrap fan, or if you fancy a limited edition customised console but just can't justify the price, Microsoft may have just the thing.

Microsoft has created a set of wrap-around covers for the Xbox Series X that don't stick via adhesive sides; instead, they use Velcro to wrap tightly around your console and stay there. That means it's easy to put them on, and easy to take them off if you fancy a change. They're clearly inspired by the swappable panels on the PS5, but they're a different and I think quite inspired answer to the same customising question.

According to Microsoft "Every detail was taken into consideration to ensure your console performance is preserved– vents are all clear, and small feet were added to the bottom of the wraps to ensure air can flow freely through the console." The outside is a soft microfibre, and inside there's a silicone print to provide the necessary grip so your cover doesn't slip off.  

Price-wise you're looking at $45 for the camo covers and $49 for the Starfield one in the US and £39 / £45 in the UK.

What Xbox console wraps are available?

The new wraps come in three designs: two camouflage ones – a grayscale one and a blue one – and a Starfield one to coincide with the launch of the must-hyped game, which could turn out to be the biggest game of 2023. It's also designed to match the recently announced Starfield Xbox controller and headset.

The Starfield wrap is going on sale before the others, on 18 October. The two camo covers will be available from 10 November, although in Europe only the Mineral Camo cover – the blue one – will be available on that date; the UK and Europe release date for the Arctic Camo one hasn't been announced yet. 

You can pre-order from today, 22 August, via the Microsoft Store – although the Starfield one is currently appearing as Sold Out on the GB Store. That's presumably a glitch as it's still showing in stock for pre-order in the US.

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