Yes, there really are Steam Deck accessories with dead bugs in them

It's not a bug, it's a feature

Steam Deck OLED
(Image credit: Valve)

The last thing you want on your games console are bugs, but for Steam Deck owners, there's a chance to have a few non-digital creepy crawlies on your console.  That's right you read the headline correctly, you can now get a bug-infused add-on for your Steam Deck. It's caused quite the buzz in the T3 office. 

Accessories provider DeckButtons has designed these unique DEAD BUG D-pads, containing as the name suggests, dead bugs. Resin cast and with a sparkly flaky finish, each piece is unique, featuring a different insect that was found to have passed of natural causes. 

So what bugs feature? Well, there is a range of beetles, flies and luckily for all the arachnophobes, no sign of any spiders (and Spiderman 2 is PS5 only). They even come with a clamshell case for you to store your old (non-insectified) D-Pad. If you like the idea, but wish it was a bit more glossy, then don't stress, full gloss editions will apparently be coming later this year. 

Steam Deck bug buttons

(Image credit: DeckButtons)

Of course, while the appeal of an insect D-Pad is debatable, one thing that isn't is how fun the Steam Deck is. Having the power of PC gaming in the palm of your hand is something that never really gets old. As for what game is the most appropriate for these new accessories? The answer is simple, Grounded is a survival game where, having been shrunk to bug size, you have to conquer the back garden fighting off spiders ants and many more six-legged friends. 

If you do fancy changing your Steam Deck's face buttons for custom variants, Deckbuttons has kindly provided a tutorial. Just keep the bug spray handy. 

Andy Sansom
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