Yale covers all bases with new smart gate and garage opener

Yale’s new smart gate and garage opener offers seamless control and tighter security

Yale smart gate and garage opener launch
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Smart home security solutions provider, Yale has just announced a line of smart products that make up the brand’s new smart security ecosystem. With devices for inside and outside of the home, Yale has also unveiled the Smart Gate and Smart Garage Opener, designed for tightening your home security in a simple and seamless way.

In October 2023, Yale unveiled its new Smart Camera range, set to be released in January 2024. Adding to its extensive collection of the best security cameras and the best video doorbells, the new Yale security products have built-in AI technology and are compatible with the upgraded Yale Home app to seamlessly connect and work alongside one another.

Two new additions to the Yale ecosystem are the Smart Gate and Garage Opener. In an effort to cover all entry points, the new Yale Smart Gate and Garage Opener allows users to open and close their gates and garage doors as they approach and leave the home. Rather than using a remote to trigger your gates, the Smart Gate and Garage Opener offers seamless access using your smartphone.

The Smart Gate and Garage Opener is compact, petite and easy to install. The design is incredibly simple and straightforward, and can blend into the background without looking out of place on your outside doors. While the two devices can be used together, they are two individual products that can be used separately, too.

Using the Yale Home app, users will receive notifications when someone opens or closes the gate or garage door, directly to their smartphone. You can also connect to the Smart Gate and Garage Opener from anywhere and receive status updates and instant notifications wherever you are in the world. For easier access, both the Smart Gate and Garage Opener are designed to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can open and close the gates and garage using voice commands.

Yale smart product

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Similar to the best smart locks, users can give family, friends or visitors access to their home remotely with a code or virtual key. Their comings and goings can be monitored on the Yale Home app, and you can view the Activity Log to keep up-to-date with your friends and family. To stay on top of your security, you can grant permanent and temporary access to visitors, and revoke rights after they leave.

Depending on the layout of your house, the Smart Gate and Garage Opener is a brilliant way to add a further layer of security, particularly in the garden. As the front door is where the majority of burglars and intruders attempt to break in, it’s easy to forget about the back garden, where most gates are located. This is one of the main reasons why you should install a security camera in your back garden to cover all bases.

The Yale Smart Gate and Garage Opener will definitely appeal to homeowners with this type of layout. Not only do they keep you aware of who enters and leaves your home, but parents will also enjoy the new products as a way to keep an eye on their children playing in the garden, mainly in case they decide to unlock the gate and go walkabout!

Having this extra layer of protection gives you a better field of view of your premises, and as the Smart Gate and Garage Opener will be launched alongside other new Yale security products, the brand has thought about every aspect of your home security. The new Yale Smart Gate and Garage Opener are expected to be released in January 2024 on the Yale website.

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