Xperia Z1 accessories – making a ‘Best of Sony’ smartphone even better

Enhance your Xperia Z1’s skills with these great accessories

Headlined by Sony's Smart Lens cameras, here are the top Xperia Z1 add-ons

The Xperia Z1 from Sony, launched at the IFA tech show in Berlin, is not just a smartphone lover's dream, but a tech enthusiast's too! It crams generations of Sony expertise from across the company's imaging, display, video and audio departments into one tight, slim and light mobile package. Frankly speaking, it's a gadget-lover's gadget.

However, even with a 20.7-megapixel camera that's capable of shooting images underwater, even with a full HD 1080p 5-inch display and even with a wealth of entertainment options from the Sony Entertainment Network, the fun doesn't have to stop with the device itself.

Sony has a host of accessories up for grabs that'll further augment your life with the Xperia Z1, allowing you to get even more from the company's finest smartphone ever.

How about the QX10 and QX100 'Lens style' cameras? These revolutionary, self-contained camera units have been designed specifically to clip onto smartphones like the Xperia Z1 and allow the smartphone screen to be used as a view-finder and capturing tool. The devices bring 10x and 3.6x Optical Zoom respectively, for even better photos, with the added bonus of being to share them instantly thanks to your phones Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connectivity. The devices are on sale on September 20th and they can be pre-ordered now from the very reasonable price of £179, with the QX100 offering superior 20.2-megapixel images for £399

For keen photographers hoping to make the most of that impressive 20.7-megapixel waterproof (IP55/IP58) camera there's also the Smart Imaging Stand IPT-DS10M. This ultra-cool NFC-enabled accessory helps the Xperia Z1 detect smiles. So, for example, if you're having a party, you and your attendees can stand in front of the Z1 and it'll automatically take pictures when it sees the happy, smiling faces. It also tracks movement, meaning you don't have to hold the device to take great pictures.

The Sony Smartphone Tripod SPA-MK20M is also a great little accessory, enabling users to get steadier shots, especially when shooting Full HD video.

And don't forget the awesome Sony SmartWatch 2. As well as acting as a trigger for your Xperia Z1's camera (no more selfies at arm's length), it can also be used to answer phonecalls, control media, read messages and emails and more! Sony is also working with independent developers to introduce even more powerful apps.

For added enjoyment in the home, there's also the Miracast Wireless Display IM10 which allows your Xperia Z1's display to be beamed to a HDTV or HD projector enabling entertainment and app content to be viewed on a larger display. The Bluetooth Music Receiver BM10 enables tunes from the Xperia Z1's Walkman app to be seamlessly streamed to your home Hi-Fi unit.

If you're on the move, there's also the Smart Bluetooth Handset SBH52 with dual-audio functionality, allowing users to listen to music and answer calls while keeping their Xperia Z1 in their pocket.

Last, but definitely not least are the MDR-10BT NFC headphones and SRS-BTS50 wireless speaker. These brand new, high quality, NFC-enabled headphones and wireless speaker will give you more flexibility while enjoying those endless musical options on your Xperia Z1 smartphone.

So there you have it, just when you thought you couldn't get anymore out of the new Xperia Z1 from Sony, here's a range of great accessories that'll enhance your enjoyment. You'll be taking more photos, enjoying your AV content on your existing devices and even harness the full power of this ground-breaking device while it sits in your pocket!

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