Xbox Series X|S controller hoodies look the ultimate cuteness upgrade

Microsoft's been having fun with its Xbox apparel, and these would make great gifts for gamers

Xbox hoodies
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If you're looking for a gift for the gamer in your life, Microsoft makes tons of Xbox apparel including all kinds of hoodies. But if your gamer friend or family member already has more than enough hoodies, Microsoft has thought of that. So now you can buy cute little Xbox hoodies for their Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X controllers to wear instead.

The hoodies, pictured above, are £20.95 in the UK and $24.99 in the US. They're made of fleecy polyester, feature a zip fastening and little arm holes for the controller, and come in either white or black with a subtle pattern and a big green Xbox logo.

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Microsoft Xbox controller hoodies

(Image credit: Microsoft)

A great gaming gift - but not a Christmas one

That's the good news. The bad is that they've already sold out and Microsoft isn't expecting any new stock until February 2023, so you've no chance of getting one for Christmas unless you're willing to brave the auction sites. Otherwise, until next year the only Xbox hoodies available are the ones for humans that you'll find online, in supermarkets and in retailers such as Primark.

I've seen some criticism of the little controller hoodies – PC Magazine says they "may end up being remembered as the most pointless controller accessory ever released" – and the critics do have a point; the gamer in your life would probably prefer a gift card they could spend on games or gaming kit – but nevertheless I love these little hoodies: they remind me of the fun, colorful and largely pointless iPod Socks, which are exactly what they sound like and were sold by Apple for typically Apple prices – thirty quid for a pack of socks! – back in 2004. Not everything tech-related needs to be functional; sometimes fun or funny is just as good.

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