Xbox Series X restock: this bundle is perfect for racing game lovers

Grab an Xbox Series X racing wheel bundle while stocks last

Xbox Series X racing bundle
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The Xbox Series X is still pretty tough to get hold of, but we're seeing more restocks including this bundle geared towards racing game fans. The Xbox Series X racing wheel bundle includes the console, two Xbox wireless controllers, and a Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel. 

The price tag for the whole caboodle is £689. The console retails at £450 on its own, with the standalone controller available for £55. You can pick up the racing wheel separately for around £200 so you're saving  around a tenner total. The value in the deal is obviously the Xbox Series X, because it's in such short supply and such high demand – and you can buy it now at


Xbox Series X + Extra Xbox Wireless Controller + Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel
This is a great deal even if you aren't looking for a racing wheel because the Xbox Series X is like gold dust. The bundle is slightly cheaper than if you bought everything separately, but good luck with that because you can't find the Xbox Series X in stock anywhere usually. Buy the bundle; keep the wheel, sell the wheel – it's dealer's choice. But this is how you can pick up an Xbox Series X right now.

T3 has reviewed a couple of Thrustmaster racing wheels over the years, including the Thrustmaster T-GT which we awarded a full five stars to. The Thrustmaster TMX is on Amazon right now with almost five stars, and the reviews are gushing about the force feedback, so you don't have to worry about getting stuck with a subpar product that you'll have difficulty getting rid of if you're never going to use it.

If you indulge in racing games, then the bundle is perfect for you. The Thrustmaster TMX features adjustable force feedback, adjustable angle (from 270° to 900°), and internal memory and upgradeable firmware. It also keeps things smooth and quiet thanks to the mixed belt-pulley and gears system, and metal ball-bearing axle for that level of sturdiness.    

So get a wriggle on and get over to if you're still slogging away on your next-gen search. If you'd rather hold out for the standalone console, be sure to bookmark our Xbox Series X stock tracker for updates.  

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