Xbox Series X pre-orders are back in stock today at 12pm! GO! GO! GO!

If you've been looking for an Xbox Series X pre-order, then now is the time to mobilise

Xbox Series X pre-orders
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Xbox Series X pre-orders, like PS5 pre-orders, have been far from the smoothest, with millions of gamers left empty-handed after the first wave of consoles sold out within hours.

Luckily, though, Currys is opening up a second wave of Xbox Series X pre-orders TODAY at 12PM BST.

The great news for gamers was officially announced by Currys itself on its official Twitter feed yesterday, with the tweet reading "limited stock of the Xbox Series X | S will land tomorrow at noon".

But right now you can head on over to Currys via the link above or below and you'll find a countdown already live, with text clearly stating:

"Pre-orders for the new Xbox Series X & Series S will be launching at 1200 BST on the 2nd of October 2020."

Currys are once again using their Queue It system to stagger Xbox Series X pre-orders, so we suggest you head on over their right now and prepare to attempt to bag a console.

Xbox Series X pre-order at Currys

Xbox Series X pre-order at Currys | Live 12:00PM BST Oct 2nd
This is it guys, Currys is releasing its second wave of Xbox Series X (and S) pre-orders. A countdown is already live, so go get in queue now and prepare to secure your system. Stock is limited again, so we advise you to move now if  you want to score.

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