Xbox Series X: next-gen exclusive dynamic backgrounds revealed

Xbox Series X official walkthrough video shows off the new UI

Xbox Series X UI
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The release of both the Xbox Series X and PS5 is drawing nearer, and new consoles mean new user interfaces. Sony has outpaced Microsoft in showcasing the PS5’s user interface, which boasts a host of new features and an overhauled Home Screen. 

Microsoft, however, has kept news on the Xbox Series X focussed on in-depth performance analysis, with the console boasting unprecedented yet whisper-quiet next-gen performance, while also embracing the memes surrounding the Xbox Series X bulky mini-fridge-like design to a surprisingly cool degree.

Today, however, Microsoft lifts the lid on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S’ new dashboard design. You can read more about the hardware in our Xbox Series X review

Principal program manager, Harrison Hoffman, delved into the details in Microsoft's Official Next-Gen Walkthrough video. He describes the new dashboard design as 'simplified, optimised, and refined,' making it more accessible to new users, with useful features that those upgrading will appreciate.

The Xbox Series X and S also boast the brand-new feature of dynamic backgrounds, which will be exclusive to the next-gen consoles. This finally brings the feature that has long been available on Sony’s PS4 (and presumably on the PS5) to Microsoft’s Xbox consoles. 

Two dynamic backgrounds will be available at launch, themed for the system color options: black/green and white/green, with Microsoft planning to add more at later date. 

In addition to the Xbox Dashboard, the Xbox Store has received an overhaul both in its design and performance. Most notably, the new networking hardware available in the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S should allow for greatly improved download speeds on higher-speed internet connections.

While the changes Microsoft has made to the Xbox Series X UI are not nearly as drastic as those made by Sony for the PS5’s UI, the improvements it will bring to the user experience are self-evident and should bring a suitable next-gen feel to anyone purchasing an Xbox Series console.

Owners of Xbox One consoles can experience this new design right now, bar the snappiness of using it on Series S and Series X, provided they have applied the latest available update.