Xbox Series S and FIFA 22 now 20% off in EPIC early Black Friday deal

Xbox's digital console is available at a crazy low price

Xbox Series S FIFA 22 Black Friday deal
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Thinking of picking up a new next-gen games console? Well, you might be in luck as there's currently a crazy good deal available for an Xbox Series S. 

Consoles are clearly an expensive investment and a luxury item but this new deal straight from Amazon is well worth considering. Not only do you get a new Xbox Series S console that allows you to play all of the latest games on Xbox, you also get a copy of FIFA 22 throw in for free. 

Xbox consoles are often included in some of the best Black Friday deals around, alongside the likes of PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, however, I'd be very tempted to pick up this deal and avoid the chaos that comes with Black Friday. It's an incredibly good offer and could solve Christmas months in advance. 

Xbox Series S and FIFA 22: Standard Digital Code | Was: £319.98 | Now: £249.99 | Saving: £69.99 at Amazon

Xbox Series S and FIFA 22: Standard Digital Code | Was: £319.98 | Now: £249.99 | Saving: £69.99 at Amazon
The Xbox Series S console is currently at an amazing price, giving you access to 100s of games and already arriving with FIFA 22 and an Xbox controller. Well worth considering! 

If the Xbox Series S isn't the console you are looking for, then make sure to check out the best Xbox One X deals for October 2021 

Why you should buy an Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S is one of the best deals in gaming right now as it gives you access to the latest video games for the most affordable price. For comparison, the cheapest PS5 model is £200 more expensive than this current offer. 

On top of this, you have big exclusive games arriving from Xbox before the end of the year such as Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5. Outside of exclusives, you have big third-party games like Battlefield 2042, Call of Duty: Vanguard, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, and Far Cry 6, which just launched. Check out our thoughts on the first 10 hours here.

What makes Xbox such an appealing option is Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service that gives you access to over 100 quality games – including all Xbox exclusives day and date. So if you were considering picking one up, now is the time. 

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