World Sleep Day deal knocks up to 35% off the full mattress range at Eve

For a limited time you can snap up a new Eve mattress at a bargain price

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Eve has announced some great World Sleep Day mattress deals across its range, saving you up to 35% on the price of its comfortable and high-tech mattresses. 

The savings vary from mattress to mattress. For example, if you go for the super king version of Eve’s best mattress, the Premium Hybrid mattress, there’s £250 off. That brings the price down to £997, while the Eve Lighter mattress now starts at just £194 instead of £299. That’s not much money for a very comfortable mattress. 

All of Eve’s mattresses make good use of memory foam for maximum comfort with a firmer, supportive base to deliver a very comfortable sleep. We’re not quite sure you’ll “wake up dancing” as the Eve website suggests, but you’ll definitely get a superb night’s sleep: Eve mattresses isolate your movement from your partner’s and don’t get too hot. 

World Sleep Day deal | Up to 35% off mattresses and 20% off bed frames

World Sleep Day deal | Up to 35% off mattresses and 20% off bed frames
This excellent World Sleep Day offer is automatically applied, saving you up to 35% off Eve mattresses, and 20% off bed frames, for a dreamy new sleep setup.

In our Eve mattress review we praised the mix of support and comfort from its high density base layer and memory foam top layer, which we found was very good at isolating motion so you don’t disturb your partner. We also liked the cooling layer, which solves a problem that affects some other memory foam mattresses: where they can get awfully hot, the Eve doesn’t try to cook you as you snooze. You’re toasty rather than toasted. 

The Eve mattress is a little firmer than some similar models, but there’s a no-quibble 100-night trial period so you can put it through its paces to make sure it’s the right mattress for you. There’s also a 10 year warranty for extra peace of mind.

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