Why Amazon Prime Day is a great time to buy a Google Nest speaker

Amazon Prime Day deals means alternative Prime Day deals everywhere else

Amazon Prime Day Google Nest deals
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Amazon Prime Day is here and with it, T3 is tracking the best Prime Day deals so you can save time and money on your deal hunting.

One product family that is getting some good discounts this year are Google Nest speakers. But Amazon doesn't sell Google Nest speakers, so how can you get them at a discount in the Amazon Prime Day sale?

Well, you can't get them in the Amazon Prime Day sale but you can get them during the same time period from a competing retailer. That's because for the last couple of years, the likes of Best Buy and Walmart in the US, and Currys and AO.com in the UK, have held their own alternative Prime Day sales during the Amazon event, and that's where you'll see the Google Nest deals – no Amazon Prime account needed!

Based on previous discounts I'd be looking to save around 20%. Last November, for example, I picked up a Nest Audio in one of Currys' sales for £69.99, with its full retail price being £89.99. It's a great little smart speaker that can also be paired in stereo with a second Nest Audio. You can read more about the device in our Nest Audio review.

Other Nest audio devices to look out for in the alternative Prime Day sales are the Nest Hub with its 7" touchscreen, the Nest Hub Max with a 10" touchscreen, and the diminutive Nest Mini, Google's answer to the Echo Dot. Again, I'd be looking for discounts of 15%-20% or hanging on for Black Friday if they don't materialise.

In fact, as I write this, Currys Epic Deals sale event has just gone live in the UK and below is a selection of Google speaker deals that are live right now – and the discounts are right in line with what I'd be looking for. I've linked my favourite deals below.

As well as saving money on new gadgets I like to save time, which means I don't want to spend hours clicking between sites looking for the best deal and then worrying that I might have missed an even better deal elsewhere. Fortunately, that's where T3's automated bots come in – they scan the retailers' sites to check the latest prices and then they display the best price in a handy widget. For Google Nest speakers, you'll find those prices right below. 👇

Amazon Prime Day sales in the UK

Paul Douglas
Paul Douglas

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