Whirlpool's 2-in-1 smart washer puts a new spin on doing the laundry

Featuring a removeable agitator, Whirlpool's newest 2-in-1 Smart washer changes the game with load customization

whirlpool smart washer
(Image credit: Whirlpool)

Looking at Whirlpool's latest line of smart appliances, it's apparent the brand tried to take a new approach to how they define smart. Innovation is key to a new products success, but people also want things to be simple and easy-to-use.

Recently added to The Lowe's List, Whirlpool's latest Smart Top Load 2-in-1 washer looks to deliver a proper balance of those must-have smart features with simple changes that help users optimize their wash.

In an industry-first, the newest 2-in-1 washer features a removable agitator that adds more space for larger loads when removed. Need to clean that giant comforter? Take the agitator out and you've got the room for that and the sheets. Allowing users to customize their load size is a welcome change to the standard 2-in-1 washer, and something we're surprised hasn't shown up until now.

Along with the removable agitator, Whirlpool's latest 2-in-1 washer includes an auto-filling Load & Go dispenser. A helpful way to optimize detergent use, you can fill enough detergent to last up to 20 washes without having to refill. Essentially, if you're someone who forgets to add detergent to your loads, it's a life saver.

As one of the most recent additions to Whirlpool's line up of smart appliances, this 2-in-1 pairs nicely with one of their smart dryers.

Whirlpool's Smart electric dryer includes similar time saving and simplifying features, including AccuDry sensor drying to prevent over drying clothes. A gas version is available as well, but most buyers will want to stick with the electric model for easier setup.



Whirlpool Smart Top Load 2-in-1 Washer w/ Removeable Agitator
Now on sale for Memorial Day weekend, the latest Smart washer from Whirlpool does come with a premium price tag thanks to some pretty premium features – including the removeable agitator and Load & Go dispenser. However, Lowe's is taking a couple hundred off for Memorial Day weekend. Head on over to see just how much you'll save on this mean machine.

For those who want to check out all of Whirlpool's smart appliances on sale, head over to Lowe's to see everything from their smart microwaves to their smart dishwashers.

If you're here looking to upgrade to a smart washer, it's a good bet you're probably looking to go all out on the smart appliances for your home.

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