Limited edition PS5 console offers gorgeous retro looks – and I want one!

This seriously limited edition PS5 games console with a redesigned retro case is simply stunning

PS5 Sony PlayStation 5
(Image credit: DIY Perks)

I wrote in my PS5 review that there was "something delightfully old school" about the PS5's design, which I said "radiates a sense of special that takes you back to more wonder-filled days when a console truly was a portal to another world of entertainment and escapism."

Well, now the PS5 has truly been taken back in time, and to the 1970s by the looks of this special edition PS5 console, with the modern slab of shock an awe gaming technology encased in an American dark walnut hardwood retro case and mounted on four tiny conical metal legs.

The result is an absolutely stunning re-imagining of the PS5 that not only looks totally different to the stock console, but also manages to completely hide what it actually is. It is the ultimate stealth design Sony PlayStation 5, and something that would blend seamlessly into a high-end entertainment room.

You can take a look at how his special edition PS5 was made and how it looks from every angle by watching the below video:

This special edition PS5 console and video comes courtesy of YouTube channel DIY Perks, who previously got mentioned on thanks to its gorgeous brass redesign of the same console.

For this project, though, which despite me wanting one sadly is a one-of-a-kind special edition, DIY Perks decided to take the core PS5 internals and encase it in American dark walnut hardwood, which was created by the channel, who not only designed and custom cut the case's material, but also designed a new cooling system for the system, too.

Simply put, it's a cracking piece of engineering and a seriously special new PS5 console. If only the PS5 restock situation wasn't so bad I'm sure we'd be seeing a lot more projects like this that look to reimagine the PS5, as while I am a fan of the stock console's design, I can totally see how others would not, or who think they can make it smaller.

It also hangs a lantern on the fact that we still don't have any official replacement casing plates offered by Sony, with third party companies like DBrand the only way to currently modify the look of your PS5 console.

Here's hoping, then, that we get to see more special edition PS5 consoles soon, or at least some special edition case plates. In the meantime, though, we can at least stare in awe at this latest DIY Perks redesign and start dreaming of just how slim a PS5 Slim could be.

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