This stunning PS5 is made of BRASS – and it's seriously limited edition

PS5 gamers will love this stunning limited edition PlayStation 5 made out of brass

PS5 Sony PlayStation 5 brass
(Image credit: DIY Perks)

In our PS5 review T3 said that the PlayStation 5 delivers a "bold console design with flair", with us stating that we were big fans of the design thanks to its ability to generate an impression that it is "a special portal to another world of mind-blowing experiences".

And, while that is true, what is also true is that the PS5's unique flared panelling is made from plastic. This is because the console needs to be mass-produced and done so with keeping costs down in mind. 

One talented engineer, though, armed with mad DIY skills and unencumbered by budgetary considerations, has just gone and created a PS5 that has panelling made 100 per cent out of brass. Yes, you read that right, this PlayStation 5 has metal brass panels and, simply put, it looks absolutely stunning. Watch the video below to see the console created and shown off from every angle.

As can been seen in the above video, the creation of this brass PS5 console was more than a bit tricky, with much trial and error required on behalf of its maker DIY Perks.

How to fashion the brass plating so that it replicated the size and curvature of the original PlayStation 5's plastic panels was a primary issue, with heating and molds required to get a 1-for-1 shape. Plenty of polishing was also required to get that shiny finish and some smart use of welding was also required to create the clips needed to attach the brass panelling to the console's interior chassis.

The maker is successful in the end though and the result is the best and most premium looking PS5 console in existence today.

Unfortunately, due to the skills, time and expense involved in creating the console, the brass PS5 is in a limited edition of just one. So as much as T3 wants to ring up an order for their own brass PlayStation 5 (with "T3" embossed on it, naturally), we'll have to make do the plastic originals for the time being.

Hopefully Sony is currently working on an official range of aftermarket PS5 panels with different designs, as it seems a bit crazy to have the ability to take panels off your console and then not be offered some other designs to replace them with. Indeed, right now there are a few unofficial companies already exploiting this gap in the market, such as Darkplates.

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