Banned on WhatsApp? A solution is coming to the app soon

Banned WhatsApp users can quickly lodge an appeal

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WhatsApp could soon launch a new in-app feature that lets you request a review on your account if you think the messaging platform has incorrectly banned you. 

Despite native filtering systems that are sophisticated enough to root out spammers, WhatsApp doesn’t always get it right, and this means genuine users can sometimes end up with a WhatsApp ban. Appealing these decisions can be laborious: reaching out to customer support is often time-consuming, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive the solution you want.

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Following an account ban, your WhatsApp chat list isn't viewable anymore, instead displaced by a banner that tells you that 'this account is not allowed to use WhatsApp.' But in an upcoming version of the app, the platform will provide users with a new button that allows you to request a review from within the app itself.

That's according to WABetaInfo, which notes that upon clicking the new button, users' data is sent directly to WhatsApp support to see if there has been any violation of the app's terms of service. Should the account have been falsely flagged, then WhatsApp will restore the account. Otherwise, it may choose to uphold the ban, meaning you'll need a new number to use the service again.

For now, WABetaInfo reports that the feature has been spotted in a future update of WhatsApp beta for iOS, but it will be developed on WhatsApp beta for Android, as well. 

WhatsApp is always looking to improve its platform with innovative new updates. It has recently announced an upcoming feature that lets users choose video upload quality when sending someone a video within the messaging app. Regardless, many users simply don't get on with the service. If you still would rather steer clear of WhatsApp, then there are many other great messaging apps you can choose from in our rundown of the 8 best WhatsApp alternatives

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