What's better than a titanium iPhone 15 Pro? A 24k gold one

Caviar is back with gold-covered iPhones that'll make perfect presents for Premier League footballers

Caviar gold iPhone 15 Pro
(Image credit: Caviar)

One of my very favourite things about new Apple product launches is that it doesn't take long before Russian luxury brand Caviar will come up with a version that makes even the most expensive iPhone 15 Pro Max look like something you'd buy in a pound shop. And the iPhone 15 is no exception: just days after the Apple event, Caviar has announced its own gold-covered take on the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Caviar's versions are called the iPhone 15 Pro Ultra Gold and the iPhone 15 Pro Max Ultra Gold, and like previous Caviar models they're firmly in the "if you have to ask the price, you can't afford them" category. 

Beneath the carbon, titanium and gold the phones here are no different from the stock iPhone 15 range: same hardware, same operating system, same apps. 

How much does a gold iPhone cost?

That depends on how much gold you want. The Caviar Custom iPone 15 Pro/Max is made of black Titanium and features an 18K gold Apple logo; that starts at $8,060 (£6,500) for the Pro and rises to $9,560 (£7,700) for the 1TB Pro Max.

The more luxurious Ultra Gold is covered in 18K gold and has a solid 24K gold Apple logo. That one starts at $8,890 (£7,170) for the Pro and rises to $10,390 (£8,377) for the 1TB Pro Max.

If that's a little out of your price bracket the collection also includes three other models: Titan Black, Starry Night and Dark Red. They start at $7,340 (£5,900) with carbon bodies; this time the logo is made of black nacre, which I had to Google. Nacre, Google tells me, is mother of pearl - it's what gives pearls their shiny appearance.

If you're in the market for a gold iPhone 15 you'd better be quick: as with most Caviar releases, this is a strictly limited edition and there will be just 99 units of each model available worldwide. Not only that, but the Ultra Gold models will be reserved for specially selected customers, so if you're not a celebrity, athlete or politician you're probably out of luck. 

Carrie Marshall

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