What's better than a Motorola Edge 30? A bright pink Motorola Edge 30, of course

The Android phone gets a new lick of paint in Pantone's Colour of the Year shade – Viva Magenta

The Motorola Edge 30 Fusion in Pantone colour of the year Viva Magenta
(Image credit: Motorola)

Phones can be unassuming things, can't they? A sea of blacks, whites and greys, interspersed with the occasional blue or on-trend green. They're rarely the most colourful of things.

Until now. 

Enter the Motorola Edge 30 Fusion in Pantone colour of the year: Viva Magenta. Motorola's mid-range handset gets a new paint job in the striking pink hue, and it's fantastic.

The Fusion is a more modest appropriation of the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra we tested earlier this year. In our review of the Ultra, our tester called is a "joy from start to finish" stating that it was a proper alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S22.

When looking at the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra vs Edge 30 Fusion, there are some key differences. The Fusion packs a Snapdragon 888+ processor, where the Ultra rocks the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1. The Ultra was the first smartphone to feature a 200MP camera, where the Fusion has a 50MP main sensor. It's also slightly smaller overall, though the 0.2-inch difference is unlikely to be the difference maker.

The screen has a 144Hz refresh rate for ultra smooth graphics, making it a top pick for those seeking the best gaming phone. And of course, if you're on the lookout for this particular variant, it has a lovely Magenta back panel. It's made from vegan leather, and the metal frame is also treated to a smattering of Magenta magic.

With Pantone labelling Viva Magenta its colour of the year, expect more of the same for the next 12 months. Previous winners have gone on to shape fashion and, by extension, the phone industry. Could we see a magenta iPhone 14? Or a pink Google Pixel 7? It's certainly a possibility.

The Motorola Edge 30 Fusion in Viva Magenta is set for release on the 12th of December.

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