What is 'Skin Streaming' and how does it work?

Have you heard of this latest skincare trend?

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You're not alone if you think skincare routines seem to get more and more complicated by the day. From cleansers to moisturisers, it seems as if the list of products we should be applying to our skin is endless. On top of that, we're told different things everyday about skincare techniques, ranging from using a Gua Sha to a massager tool. It's no wonder we feel exhausted! 

Well, all of that is about to get much easier with this latest skincare trend. 'Skin Streaming' has been making its way around the internet recently, reaching lots of people that are desperate for a simplified routine when it comes to looking after their skin. Skin Streaming does exactly this, encouraging you to adopt a minimalist approach to your skincare routine by reducing the number of products you use. Sounds ideal, right?

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What is Skin Streaming? 

As mentioned, Skin Streaming is a trend that encourages you to streamline your skincare routine by using fewer products that carry out multiple functions. This means removing all serums, creams and other products that simply aren't necessary for your skin, and finding a small amount of products that are! 

What are the benefits of skin streaming? 

It will save you more time 

Following a Skin Streaming routine will save you a lot of time in the long run. Instead of rushing about in the mornings, use that extra 15 minutes to make yourself a hot drink and have a bit of time to yourself before your day starts. 

It will save you money 

Think about how much money you can save by streamlining your skincare products down to only 1 or 2.  The skincare industry is filled with billions of products to choose from, and since most of us aren't millionaires, we can't afford all of the fancy oils or serums out there. Your bank account will thank you for it! 

It's more sustainable 

It’s also easier on the planet when we use fewer products and cause less waste. If you appreciate sustainability, why don't you consider using reusable packaging or refillable products? 

It will minimise skin irritation 

Layering multiple products can have the potential to inactivate one other, hugely increasing the risk of irritation or compromising your skin barrier. Essentially, using unnecessary products can actually make your skin worse, no matter what you may think. 

How can you start your skin streaming routine?

1. Have a clear out 

Start by taking a look at your bathroom shelf and remove the products you don't use regularly or you don't find to be helpful. If there are products that work well specifically for your skin type or help control acne or any other skin conditions, focus on keeping these. If there are products that aren't doing this for you, take them away! 

2. Reduce the number of steps in your routine

You only need one product to do a specific job. For example, you don't need to apply 2 different serums because they have different ingredients, or 3 different toners because they do different things. Find one product for each purpose. 

3. Gather the products that work for you 

A skincare routine can be simplified to 3 or 4 steps: a cleanser, serum, moisturiser and SPF. If you can find a moisturiser with SPF in it, then that's even better. in the evening, you should include an active ingredient, such as a retinoid. Each of these products should work with your skin type and stay consistent with them. 

4. Be patient

At first, it might seem like your skin is reacting negatively to the new, simplified routine, but this will adjust in time. By using lots of products, your skin will often become reliant on them and will therefore start acting differently once these are removed. However, it will all be worth it in the end. 

Skin Streaming: products 

There are many brands out there that are starting to focus on Skin Streaming products, with Wildsmith Skin being one of them. Have a look at their multi-functional products: 

Energising B5 Gel Cleanser 

A multi-benefit, innovative cleansing gel formulated with advanced cleansing technology to help respectfully ensure skin is clean, clear and energised without stripping. 

Due to its ‘gel to foam texture’ and new generation surfactants derived from coconut and fermented sugar, it’s perfect to be used in the shower as a body wash, as the vitamin C and vitamin B5 restores tougher skin on the back to remove bacne or sweat build-up. 

Dual-Action Exfoliating Treatment 

A chemical and physical exfoliator for softer, smoother and brighter skin. 

It's perfect for congested skin, clogged pores, hormonal breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads. It can also be used on the lips as a scrub to remove dead skin, or mixed into a body wash to remove fake tan. 

Active Super Oil 

A powerful nightly facial oil with bioactive plant oils to aid cell renewal when used overnight to replenish and reset skin. Due to its 17 premium botanical and cold pressed essential oils, it can be used on cuticles to help nourish and restore brittle nails. Due to its African Star Grass and Mongongo Oil, which are both rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, this can also be used on sunburnt skin to help to reduce sensitivity and inflammation and maintain the moisture barrier.

Interested in Skin Streaming but not sure on how to start? Have a look at this essential summer skincare routine in 3 simple steps for a few starter tips!

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