WatchOS 10 has an Easter Egg on Sundays that you probably missed

It involves everyone's favourite Snoopy watch face

Apple Watch Ultra displaying the Snoopy watch face
(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

Of all the new stuff introduced by the latest Apple Watch operating system, WatchOS 10, everyone seems to love the Snoopy watch face the most. And why wouldn't they? Snoopy and Woodstock are pop culture icons instantly recognisable by many, even if they have never read the original comic strips in the newspaper. This connection to printed media is what Apple honoured with a little Easter Egg, which probably everyone missed (up until now).

WatchOS 10 brought along some exciting features for new and old Apple Watches. These include new cycling features that turn your iPhone into a cycling computer, hiking features that are best enjoyed on the large screen of the Ultra and unique watch faces that showcase the best qualities of the improved displays of the Series 9 and the Ultra 2

The Snoopy watch face features the titular character and Snoopy's little bird friend, Woodstock, goofing around whenever the screen comes on. As well as doing all sorts of shenanigans, Snoopy and Woodstock also react to the time of the day; for example, they'll be getting ready for bed in the evening. They can also change their behaviour based on the weather and other events, such as Valentine's Day.

Apple WatchOS 10 renders

Snoopy and Woodstock have a little surprise for Apple Watch users on Sundays

(Image credit: Apple)

The Easter Egg referenced above is similar to these reactions and occurs every Sunday. In a nod to the days when the Sunday edition of the newspaper meant that the comic section was in full colour, the same thing happens every Sunday on Apple Watch.

If that doesn't make sense, let us explain. The default watch face (called Sunday Surprise!) has a grey background – only Snoopy and Woodstock are in colour. On Sundays, however, the background changes from grey to a 'surprise' colour. This is a fun little Easter Egg that not only honours Snoopy's heritage as a comic character but is also fun to experience.

You can, of course, set the background of the Snoopy watch face to any colour in the Watch app on your iPhone to liven it up a bit. If you do, you will miss out on the ever-changing Sunday Easter Egg. You'll be able to enjoy the naughty duo either way!

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