I have the new Snoopy Apple Watch face, and here's how you can get it too

The new WatchOS 10 Public Beta is available to download now

Apple Watch Ultra displaying the Snoopy watch face
(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

Apple's just released the 'Public Beta' versions of their upcoming operating systems, and if you're like me, you were primarily interested in the latest WearOS 10 update, which adds several exciting cycling and hiking features. However, even more importantly, WearOS 10 also introduces the Snoopy watch face, which I was most interested in.

Everyone's favourite cartoon beagle was introduced in the 1950s and went on to become an absolute cultural icon. It goes to show how firmly etched Snoopy is in our collective minds as even now, over 70 years later, people get excited over having him as a watch face on our watch. To be fair, the new Snoopy watch face makes even the best Apple Watches better.

How to get the Snoopy watch face on your Apple Watch

To get access to the Snoopy watch face (and also the new Palettes watch face and other WatchOS 10 features), you need to sign up for Apple's Beta Software Program. You can do that here. Make sure you sign up with the same Apple ID you use on your iPhone/Apple Watch. Once signed up, pull up your iPhone, and follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings, then General
  • Choose Software Update and select the iOS 17 Public Beta update
  • Install the Public Update on your iPhone (this might take a while)
  • Once done, find the Watch app on your iPhone
  • Here, tap General, then Software Update
  • From the dropdown, select watcOS 10 Public Beta
  • Install the Public Beta on your Watch (this might also take a while)
  • Make sure your Apple Watch is at least 50% charged and on the charger during the update

And you're done! Remember, this is a beta version, so some bugs might still be in place. Some apps might not work as intended, and you might also see delays when trying to access certain functions. However, since we're talking about Apple, the Public Beta version is pretty well put together and should provide a solid user experience.

For more info on Apple Watches, check out my Apple Watch SE 2 review and Apple Watch Series 8 review. We also reviewed the Apple Watch Ultra, if that's of interest. If you haven't got an Apple Watch but now that you know you can get a Snoopy watch face you want one, we have a roundup of the best Apple Watch deals too. 

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