Walmart sale: hurry, this massive sale ends TODAY

Last chance to get a cheap Dyson, Instant Pot, Roomba robot vac and much more

Walmart sale
(Image credit: Dyson)

When Amazon held its recent Prime Day sale, Walmart responded with a massive sale of its own, cutting prices on big brands including Dyson, Instant Pot, Roomba and many more.

And while Prime Day is now long gone, the Walmart sale continues but it ends today.

So if you want to get a new vacuum cleaner, some new cookware or other homewares and much more at a great discount, you need to head over to Walmart's sale page before the end of Sunday 21 July.

We've listed some of our favorite discounts below – the highlighted Dyson deal at the top is a particularly good one, as is the half-price Instant Pot deal below it – but there are loads more on offer, so do check them out before it's too late, or wait patiently until Black Friday for the next big sale.

All aboard! The deals train is now leaving platform one!

Dyson V6 Trigger Handheld Vacuum Car + Boat  | Now $119.99 | Was $199.99 | Save $80

Dyson V6 Trigger Handheld Vacuum Car + Boat  | Now $119.99 | Was $199.99 | Save $80
Up to 20 minutes of powerful suction with the Dyson V6 – no need to mess around with cables and get all tangled up. Specially designed for car and cabin cleaning and comes with additional tools to make your maintenance work as easy as ever. Now $80 off!

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Paul Douglas
Global Digital Editorial Strategy Director, Future

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