Walmart Plus is live, costs less than Amazon Prime, and has a FREE trial

Walmart Plus, the new Amazon Prime rival, is now available

Walmart Plus Amazon Prime rival
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Walmart Plus, the super exciting new Amazon Prime competitor, is now here. And, what's really exciting is that not only is it cheaper than Amazon Prime, but there's a free trial for the service, too, meaning you can currently benefit from its perks without spending a penny.

Walmart Plus is a subscription service like Amazon Prime that grants its owner unlimited free deliveries from Walmart, as well as some tasty extra perks such as fuel discounts and cheaper fuel at gas stations.

And, in terms of getting gadgets and groceries delivered, Walmart Plus delivers free same-day delivery on many items, meaning you have to wait mere hours to get your order.

That fuel station gas discount is something that Amazon Prime can't deliver, too, and with 1,500 Walmart and Murphy gas stations available across the United States, this promises to be a game changer.

We think this is a great deal for regular Walmart customers, and the full details can be viewed below:

Walmart Plus | $98/year | Available now

Walmart Plus | $98/year | Available now
Walmart Plus is the hot new subscription service from Walmart that rivals Amazon Prime. You get free unlimited delivery on orders over $35, and that's same day delivery, too, on thousands of gadgets and groceries. In addition, you get special discounted fuel rates at Walmart & Murphy gas stations, and can check out with your phone when  you shop in-store, letting you skip checkout lines.

You can also sign up to Walmart Plus on a monthly basis, too. This costs  $12.95 a month. Naturally, though, if you want the most value out of your Walmart Plus subscription then the annual plan offers by far the best value.

The $98 per year costs equates to just $2 per week and, considering the standard Walmart Plus delivery fee is $7.95, this pays for itself within just two deliveries.

In contrast, Amazon Prime costs $119 per year.

The only thing that Walmart Plus doesn't deliver, though, is the free media content that Amazon Prime does – there are no free movies or TV shows with Walmart Plus.

Want to weigh up the competition? Today's best Amazon Prime deal is available directly below:

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