Vivobarefoot's Jungle boot is its toughest yet – for explorers only!

If you're heading to the jungle, this is the shoe for you

Vivobarefoot Jungle Boot
(Image credit: Vivobarefoot)

Vivobarefoot has launched a brand new barefoot boot – the Jungle Boot ESC – and we can confirm it’s not one for the outdoor weekend warrior. The new boot is part of the brand’s Ecological Survival Collection, a specialised bare-footwear line designed to help people move naturally through the world’s most extreme environments. 

As the name implies, this specific boot has been designed for the jungle. It’s the third shoe to launch in the ESC, following in the footsteps of the Forrest ESC and Hydra ESC, with the Desert and Tundra set to launch later this year.

Like all Vivo footwear, the Jungle Boot has been made with the brand's core barefoot design principles, such as a wide toe box and thin, flexible sole. But, it’s also been created with some highly functional features to help take on the tropical landscape.  Let's jump in...

Vivobarefoot Jungle Boot

(Image credit: Vivobarefoot)

The first standout feature is the way the boot handles water, as it’s been designed in a way to allow water to flow in and out, without letting in debris. “So your feet do get wet, but water escapes as rapidly as it enters, and the boot dries as quickly as possible,” the brand tells T3.  

“Water ingress in the jungle is 100% inevitable, and once it gets into a boot with a waterproof membrane, it’s not getting out. That’s how trench foot sets in, and in humid environments, it sets in quickly. To thrive in these environments, you must embrace the elements.”

They also tell us the boot has passed the ‘tap test’ with “flying colours”; a test favoured by bona fide explorers “where you place a boot under a fast-running tap, open both faucets to the max, and if the boot fills, it fails”.

Vivobarefoot Jungle Boot

(Image credit: Vivobarefoot)

The second main feature is the a special air mesh lining that boot has to deal with bugs and insects, which are rife in the jungle. Vivo tell us: "It;s a certain level of fluorescence, allowing you to clearly see what’s in there, without attracting some pollinating insects.” We're not entirely sure we get it, but if it stops creepy crawlies entering the boot, we're sure explorers will be happy. 

The soles of the boots are also puncture-proof, so there'll be no sharp objects entering your feet. Large lugs also provide emergency breaking on slippery surfaces and the boot's earthy palette blends in with its surroundings. 

It may not be a shoe you'll be reaching for on your lunch time walk, they're an explorer-only boot. But, if you are heading to the jungle anytime soon, these are the shoes for you.

The Jungle Boot is available to buy now and retails at £220/$280

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