Virgin Media O2 will give you £100 if you don't get 30Mbps Wi-Fi in every room

Wi-Fi guarantee free for Volt and Gig1 customers, also available on other broadband plans

Virgin Media Gig 1 hub
(Image credit: Virgin Media)

Virgin Media O2 has increased its wireless coverage guarantee to 30Mbps. It will now give you £100 in credit if you cannot get minimum download speeds of 30-meg in each room of your home.

This is for customers on Volt and Gig1 plans, although it's also available for M50 - M500 customers who pay extra for the service (at £8 per month).

The move comes after Sky announced its WiFi Max service, which guarantees minimum wireless download speeds of 25Mbps or a refund for a month's bill.

"We’ve upgraded our speed promise at no extra cost so our customers can continue to enjoy the UK’s fastest WiFi guarantee," said Virgin Media O2's director of connectivity, Gareth Lister.

"We’re always looking at ways to improve the experience we deliver, and with a boosted WiFi guarantee our customers can rest assured we’ve got them covered in every room."

The upgraded speed promise is available to all new and existing customers on the supported plans. If they notice that files are being download below the 30Mbps minimum, they can first request up to three WiFi Pods to extend coverage around the home. If this doesn't work, Virgin Media O2 will credit their account with £100.

The WiFi Pods work as part of a mesh network - this means that, instead of just acting like extenders, they communicate with one another to increase signal strength in areas where they overlap.

The user will not notice any gaps in connection when travelling between signal areas, the respective Pod will automatically pick up a device, which will work as if it's connected to the main hub.

Virgin Media's Gig1 plan is its fastest, offering up to 1,130Mbps speeds from £30 per month for the first six months, £50 thereafter on a 24-month contract. New customers can currently book the service with no setup fee.

It is also available as part of a Volt package, which includes an unlimited O2 mobile SIM and Virgin Media TV for £85 per month on an 18-month contract.

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