Victrola Stream Sapphire headlines 2024 turntable lineup as vinyl resurgence continues

Audio brand Victrola expands its "Works with Sonos" range of vinyl decks

Victrola Stream Sapphire
(Image credit: Victrola)

Victrola is having a jam-packed CES 2024 with the launch of a new family of turntables, including a new flagship model that "Works with Sonos".

Building on the success of its Stream decks that are designed to seamless work with a Sonos multiroom audio systems, the Victrola Stream Sapphire comes with a bespoke walnut veneer plinth and is capable of streaming lossless FLAC audio (24-bit / 48kHz).

Its audiophile qualities don't stop there, neither. The Sapphire also comes with an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge for increased range, frequency response, and tracking. Plus, the two-speed brushless motor drives the belt quietly and consistently.

As the name suggests, the deck is capable of streaming vinyl playback to other wireless systems too, using UPNP and Roon technologies. Anything that supports either will work as capably as a Sonos setup, all through its 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac connectivity.

You can also plug a wired system or powered speakers via a gold plater RCA output.

The Victrola Stream Sapphire will be priced at $1,499 when it's available later this year.

Other Victrola models announced

Also announced as part of the CES 2024 lineup are a few record decks that suit smaller budgets.

This includes the Victrola Automatic – the latest in the brand's automatic range that's priced around $199.

It includes an Audio-Technica AT-3600LA moving magnet cartridge, Bluetooth streaming to wireless speakers and systems, plus an RCA output with a switchable pre-amp.

The deck also comes with a clever "repeat" button to allow listeners to automatically repeat the same side of a record – it's just a shame it won't flip it for you too.

There is also the Victrola Eastwood LP at the same retail price, plus an Eastwood II with an updated modern design and even more budget-conscious price point.

It will set you back just $99.

Victrola has unveiled its own rock speaker too, which can sit happily in your garden and play up to 22 hours of music before needing to be recharged. It has Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity and a USB-C port for charging.

The Victrola Rock Speaker Connect costs $99.

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