Use this checkout code and get AU$50 off a brand-new Amazon Kindle ereader

This discount is available to anyone who doesn’t already own the latest Kindles

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 Still using an old Kindle that’s feeling slow and clunky now? Or are you still considering going digital when it comes to consuming books? If you fit into either category, Amazon is throwing you a bone by slashing AU$50 off the current generation of Kindles. This includes the 10th-gen basic Kindle, the 11th-generation Kindle Paperwhite (as well as the Signature Edition) and the third iteration of the Kindle Oasis

You’ll need to use the code KINDLE50 at checkout and there’s the small caveat of being ‘eligible’ for the discount, but as long as you’ve never registered a 10th-generation or 11th-generation Kindle device with your Amazon account, you qualify for this discount. This drops the price of entry for the current (or 10th gen) Amazon Kindle to just AU$89. 

This offer is available now, ending at 11:59pm AEDT on March 20, 2022.

If you’re unsure of the difference between grabbing a Kindle, or using the app on a phone or tablet, the main benefit of purchasing a dedicated ereader is the screen tech. They’re designed to resemble paper, with some E Ink displays also featuring a blue-light filter (or amber LEDs) to reduce the effects of sleep-disrupting blue light when reading at night. The screens are also glare-free, so you can read in the brightest of sunlight without any issue, and you get weeks of battery life from a single charge.

Add to that the lower cost of buying an ereader as compared to a tablet and the fact that you can own thousands of books without having to worry about storage space at home.  

As a member of the Amazon family, Kindles also give you access to a whole slew of benefits. If you’ve already opted into Amazon Prime you have free access to a curated, rotating list of over a thousand titles in Prime Reading, which is easily accessible on any Kindle device. If you haven’t tried Amazon Prime yet, you can sign up now and take advantage of a whole load of other perks too, including free and fast delivery on your eligible purchases.

For the reading fiends amongst us keen to race through as many books as possible, you can’t look past Kindle Unlimited. Amazon’s ebook subscription service grants access to well over a million titles, including the audiobook versions of some of the titles on offer. Again, the Kindle Unlimited library can also be accessed on your Kindle device, no need to fiddle around on a browser to add titles. It must be noted that Kindle Unlimited is not part of Amazon’s Prime service, and requires a separate subscription that costs AU$13.99p/m after a 30-day free trial. If you happen to be an existing Prime member who’s never tried Kindle Unlimited before, you can – for a limited time only – get a free two-month trial instead of the usual 30 days.

A lot to chew through, but all of this is an absolute boon for anyone umming and ahhing about grabbing one of Amazon’s popular ereaders. If you’re locked in for a new Kindle, and just unsure about which model to grab, be sure to check out our guide to the best Kindles to make sure you get the right ereader for you. 

Amazon Kindle (10th gen) | AU$139 AU$89

Amazon Kindle (10th gen) | AU$139 AU$89

This is the basic, and cheapest, Kindle available. It's the model with the lowest screen resolution but don’t let that deter you, it’s plenty sharp. It's fantastic value for money and now comes with a built-in front light. There are no amber LEDs here though, but the light’s brightness can be adjusted. The latest model is available in white or black and has a perfectly respectable 8GB of storage space. 

To save AU$50, just use the code KINDLE50 at checkout and, remember, you can only get this offer if you haven’t already registered this model with Amazon. 

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (11th-gen) | AU$239 AU$189

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (11th-gen) | AU$239 AU$189

The latest model of the Kindle Paperwhite – announced in October 2021 – comes with a screen resolution of 300ppi over the basic model’s 167ppi and a massive upgrade over any of the older Paperwhites preceding it. It’s bigger (now with a 6.8-inch screen), faster, with better battery life too and USB-C charging. The adjustable front light is better as well and gets you the IPX8 waterproof rating that the base model listed above misses out on. As mentioned, use the checkout code KINDLE50 to score the AU$50 discount, but you can’t already own this device to take advantage of the offer. 

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition | AU$289AU$239

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition | AU$289 AU$239

This robust Paperwhite Kindle Signature Edition takes the Paperwhite experience up a notch by offering 32GB of storage and wireless charging capabilities. And that makes it one of the most cost-effective ereaders on the market, particularly after you’ve used the code KINDLE50 at checkout. The same criterion applies here for being eligible for the discount. 

Amazon Kindle Oasis  | AU$399 AU$349

Amazon Kindle Oasis  | AU$399 AU$349

If you’ve got the money to spare, there’s no better ereading experience than the Kindle Oasis. Its all-metal body feels oh-so-premium and its asymmetric design, with page-turn buttons, makes single-hand use remarkably comfortable no matter where you are. The 7-inch screen makes this the biggest Kindle on offer, and you can opt to have more than just 8GB of storage and get one with LTE connectivity if you wish, with the price going up accordingly. The Kindle Oasis 32GB can be had for AU$399 and the Kindle Oasis 32GB + 4G model is going for AU$509 after the use of the code KINDLE50

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