Upcoming DJI Avata drone revealed in 3 new leaks

Photos of the box, the drone itself and a video of the Avata in flight have all appeared online

DJI Avata drone
(Image credit: Attacco dei Giganti @AttaccoG)

The DJI Avata was the subject of not one, not two, but three leaks this weekend. DJI's next drone might still be officially under wraps, but we sure do know a lot about it. We have a whole load of close-up photos of Avata itself, a video of the drone being flown, and a look at the box to get stuck into. 

We know from an entry on the FCC database (via DroneDJ.com), that the Avata will be a 'cinewoop' mini FPV drone, built for indoor flight in confined spaces. It was expected to launch last month, but it looks like logistical issues pushed back the reveal

The short video, which comes from trusted DJI leaker @OsitaLV, shows an FPV drone being flown outside using the one-handed DJI Motion Controller that launched with last year's DJI FPV

We've also got photos from @AttaccoG. These aren't from the usual pool of DJI leakers, but they are consistent with previous leaks.  

Finally, the box photo also comes from @OsitaLV. What's significant about this particular reveal is that it states the Avata will only be compatible with the 'DJI Goggles 2'. We know these are on their way from another entry on the FCC database, and have seen pictures from @DealsDrone, but we don't have official confirmation from DJI yet. We're expecting them to launch alongside the Avata. 

The box also shows the Avata will be powered by AirSense, an alert system that uses flight data from nearby aircraft with ADS-B transmitters to detect and inform drone flyers of collision risks, via the DJI mobile app. 

DJI is the brand behind most of the best drones on the market, and the Avata is expected to be the next to join the lineup after May's DJI Mini 3 Pro. It'd mark a bit of a departure for the brand, which until this point has focused mainly on drones for outdoor flight. 

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