DJI Avata drone might not be arriving as soon as we thought

Rumoured indoor 'cinewhoop' FPV model from DJI was predicted for later this month

DJI FPV drone
(Image credit: DJI)

We were hoping to see a new drone from DJI at some point this month, but the latest rumours suggest we might have a little longer to wait. Those who have been following the story have been expecting the brand to release a 'cinewoop' drone called the DJI Avata. It'd be a spin on the DJI FPV (pictured above), but this time suitable for indoor flight in confined spaces. 

Regular DJI leaker @DealsDrone had predicted that July launch date, but now says the schedule has been pushed back. There's no new date given, but the Tweet suggests the launch is related to logistical issues caused by production moving to a different location. 

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DJI is the brand behind many of today's best drones, and the Avata would be the next to join the lineup after May's DJI Mini 3 Pro. Based on what we know so far though, we'd expect it to share more DNA with DJI FPV – a first-person flier launched in March 2021 – but this time designed for indoor flight. 

The first pictures, shared in May by another typically reliable DJI source, @ositaLV, show what looks like a cinewoop drone. These are compact drones with integrated propeller guards, built to be flown indoors and to be able to navigate tight spaces to capture steadicam-style shots.

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If that's the case, it'd be quite a different proposition from DJI, which up until this point has focused mainly on drones for outdoor flight. Another Tweet in May from @DealsDrone predicted a ~500g weight and improved battery life.  

We were expecting to see the Avata released alongside some new DJI FPV Goggles – according to the Tweet linked above, perhaps ones that can be connected to your phone – but a logistical delay suggests we're going to have to hang on a little longer for those too. 

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