Unbelievable Google Pixel 3 deal has all the texts, minutes and 4G data you’ll need

Get the Google Pixel 3 with two years of texts, calls and 4G data for £113 less than the RRP of the SIM-free handset alone

Google Pixel 3 Deal Price

Google introduced two new Pixel-branded handsets earlier this year in a bid to bring the stunning camera that has characterised the range to a more affordable price tag. However, the hours of engineering that Google put into creating the all-new Pixel 3a might've been wasted... as Mobiles.co.uk has unleashed a new deal on the all-singing, all-dancing Google Pixel 3 that makes it seem comparatively over-priced.

The latest deal runs on the Vodafone network and comes with unlimited text messages, unlimited calls and a very generous 5GB of 4G data each month. You'll also get the flagship Google Pixel 3, which has a number of benefits over its budget counterpart, including wireless charging, a better display, dual-selfie camera set-up, and faster Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset under the bonnet.

The Vodafone deal costs £24 a month, with a one-off £50 upfront fee. That equates to £626 over the course of two years. Given that Google charges £399 for the SIM-free smartphone, you'd have to find a monthly contract with unlimited texts, unlimited calls and 5GB of 4G data for under a tenner to equal this price. That's easier said than done.

Google Pixel 3 on Vodafone | Unlimited texts, unlimited calls | 5GB of 4G data | £50 upfront cost | £24 a month
If you were looking for a bargain, you might be tempted to plump for the more affordable Pixel 3a... but this Vodafone deal is a great way to get your hands on the best hardware that Google can muster at the moment. It comes with a generous 5GB of 4G data, too.
Total cost overt two-years: £626View Deal

There are a number of benefits of opting for a contract with Vodafone, including Vodafone Global roaming that lets you to take your minutes, text messages and 4G data monthly allowance in 110 destinations worldwide.

If you'd rather not be on the Vodafone network, or would prefer more than 5GB of 4G data each month, then why not check out the interactive chart below to see what other Google Pixel 3 deals are available at the moment.