Uber takes to the skies with flying cabs announced for 2020

Uber Elevate to use VTOL electric flying vehicles for on demand air travel

Uber has shown off its plans for the flying cabs of the future that are going to arrive sooner than later - it calls this Uber Elevate.

In the near future you could use your Uber app to select not only and Uber X, Uber XL and the other selections but an Uber Elevate flying option too. This will call a Vertical Take Off and Landing electric vehicle that lands and flies you to where you need to go.

Uber has announced partners that will create the vehicles, charging stations and landing space infrastructure. The plan is to have a vehicle that lands on current helipads, rooftops and more, fast charges while there, and heads right back off into the air for super fast flying travel. 

These partners include Aurora Flight Sciences, Pipistrel Aircraft, Embraer, Mooney, Bell Helicopter and ChargePoint. 

Uber is also working with property companies in Dubai and Dallas-Fort Worth to make Uber Elevate a reality as soon as 2020.

Since Uber is partnering with companies that are already well underway with on demand air transport, and it has such a huge budget, we should see true on demand air travel soon. 

What this means for drivers of Ubers is unclear. Presumably we’ll still need the cars for smaller journeys and areas without landing options - but whether the flying cabs and cars will be automated by then isn’t so obvious.

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