Turn your Nintendo Switch into an arcade machine with these neat cabinets

Press Start on a fresh look for your console

Nintendo Switch Arcade cabinets
(Image credit: Etsy/VisualSignsandCuston)

With the Switch turning seven this year, you could already describe it as something of a throwback itself (a bit harsh). If you can't wait for the Nintendo Switch 2 to freshen up your front room with a retro vibe, we might have found the answer.

Take yourself back to the classic bleep-bloop of an arcade with these awesome custom arcade cabinet cases for your console. Available from seller VisualSignsandCustom these houses for the Switch feature dangerous levels of nostalgia. 

Whether you have a regular Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch OLED, simply place your console in the holster where an arcade cabinet's screen would be and use your joycons as controllers. Alas, there are no functioning buttons on the cabinets, but there is a hole for the power cable so you can play while charging.

PAC-MAN Arcade

(Image credit: LEGO)

The biggest reason to grab one of these however is the designs. They are simply gorgeous and inspired by games both new and old. As a big Pokemon fan, I'm particularly enamoured with the corresponding cabinet but there are also Super Mario and Zelda-flavoured designs. If you want something that pays homage to a classic arcade title, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles variant is a genuine work of art with our heroes on one side and Shredder on the other. You could always grab the Lego Pac-Man arcade cabinet too for the ultimate homage. 

All that's missing from the authentic arcade experience is the mysteriously sticky floor and someone peeking over your shoulder willing you to lose so they can take their turn. It's glorious. Now, if only Time Crisis came to the Switch. 

Of course with the Nintendo Switch 2 expected this year, this could be the perfect way to memorialize your Switch. A cabinet coffin if you will. It has been one heck of a console, and this is a great way to stop it from just lying around unloved. 

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