Toshiba TV deal cuts 50-inch 4K display down to its lowest ever price

Get the Toshiba 50UK3163DB TV for just £359 at Amazon is this cheap 4K TV deal

Toshiba 50UK3163DB deal, TV deals
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The cost of living price hikes have affected us all. While we’ve all been looking to cut back on unnecessary purchases and luxuries, it’s hard to avoid when you need a replacement on your old tech and appliances.

If you’re looking for an update to your TV setup, we’ve found a great deal on the Toshiba 50UK3163DB. Originally priced at £449, the Toshiba 50UK3163DB is now just £359, saving shoppers £90 on this quality TV model.

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The Toshiba 50UK3163DB is one of the best TVs under 500 that delivers impressive sound and image quality at an affordable price. In our Toshiba 50UK3163DB review, we commented that it “provides surprisingly powerful HDR and 4K detail for a TV of its price and the audio is a cut above the competition.”

This price cut from Amazon takes the Toshiba 50UK3163DB down to its lowest ever price so it’s definitely something to take advantage of, especially if you’re on a budget.

To view the Toshiba 50UK3163DB deal, click the link above or keep reading for more deals on the different sizes of the Toshiba 50UK3163DB.

Toshiba 50UK3163DB 4K Ultra HD Smart TV: was £449, now £359 at Amazon

Toshiba 50UK3163DB 4K Ultra HD Smart TV: was £449, now £359 at Amazon
The Toshiba 50UK3163DB is an impressive 50-inch TV which offers punchy HDR and sharp 4K images and display. At an already affordable price, this price cut makes the Toshiba 50UK3163DB even more attractive, especially with all the features it provides.

Why you should buy the Toshiba 50UK3163DB

The Toshiba 50UK3163DB uses TRU Picture Engine and Dolby Vision for clear, smooth and detailed viewing. The TRU Micro Dimming and Flow capabilities delivers a strong focus and contrast frame by frame and keeps up with fast paced scenes. The picture and resolution defines every image and detail so you’re fully immersed in what you’re watching.

The 50-inch display is a great screen size and the Toshiba 50UK3163DB is one of the best 50-inch TVs on the market today. While it does have some limited viewing angles, the Toshiba 50UK3163DB uses direct LED lighting that sits behind the screen to support and improve the picture quality and contrast. 

The Toshiba 50UK3163DB uses Dolby Atmos which delivers powerful surround sound and it has smart TV capabilities with built-in Alexa and a multitude of streaming apps. The only downside is that it’s missing a couple of key apps like Disney+ and Apple TV but it’s still an amazing model considering the price, display and additional features.

More Toshiba TV deals

Not only is the Toshiba 50UK3163DB on sale right now, but you can also find top discounts on its other sizes. If you’re looking for a smaller size, you can get the Toshiba 43UK3163DB at 20% off at Amazon, taking the price from £379 to £299.

If you prefer something bigger, you can choose between the 58-inch and 65-inch version of this Toshiba TV range. While the 58-inch doesn’t have a deal on right now, you can get a good discount on the Toshiba 65UK3163DB which has been marked down from £599 to £499, saving you £100 at Amazon.

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